Atomic Robo: Dogs Of War Reviewed

Atomic Robo continues to generate sweet robotic lovin’ from tha interwebs. Here’s the latest sample!

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Robo is perhaps the greatest example in the movement to return the comic book medium to its grassroots, focusing on the fun and adventurous as opposed to the grim and nihilistic. Fans of all genres owe it to themselves to give it a look, as it provides a satisfying break from the entertaining, yet doleful status quo.

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I had a chance to read the last ATOMIC ROBO series from writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener and found it to be an extremely fun comic. Atomic Robo has been fighting the good fight for ages. Each miniseries focuses on a different period of history and Atomic Robo’s involvement in it. Wegener’s cool Robo designs and vivid panels make this book a treat. This time around Atomic Robo battles Nazis.

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If you missed the first Atomic Robo series, you can still pick up the trade (it’s quite good), plus you can get the brand new mini-series. Come on! Robots! Versus Nazis! Who also have robots! Can it go wrong? Well, I’ll start by pointing out that Wegener’s art has gotten a lot better in this series. It was decent in the first series, but it’s more detailed and more realistic in this issue without losing the sense of goofy fun from the original run. The issue features the invasion of Sicily by the Allies in World War II, and the war scenes are excellently rendered.

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With an ending that should leave readers waiting to see what happens next, this comic should be on your list of things to check out.

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I loves me some Atomic Robo, once again kicking Axis @$$, this time in 1943 Sicily as he tries to stop some walking tanks. Just pure, simple fun.


I discovered Atomic Robo through Free Comic Book Day, and man, I’m glad I did. This book is pure crazy fun, the likes of which we just don’t see anymore. It’s old-school sci-fi. The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, super-cool robots are beating the tar out of Nazis… seriously, if you don’t love this book you just need to turn in your American citizenship. There’s also a nifty back-up story set in the late 80s, featuring Robo fighting — man I love typing these words — a giant crab. This book is one of my few favorites. It’s everything that made me love comic books in the first place finally on the page again.


A sucker punch of awesome entertainment. That’s the short answer on how good the start of the second mini of the Atomic Rob series is. The longer answer is the same sentence repeated a couple of times, followed up with the additional statement of: If you’re not reading this book, there’s something absolutely, positively and insanely wrong with you.


Overall, whenever you have a fun and exciting story with art that fits the mold perfectly you’ve got a winning combination. Atomic Robo had it during its first run and thankfully we’re treated to more of the same this time around. The story has you begging for more and waiting for the next issue. This is definitely something you should be reading.

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I’m a huge fan of 8-Bit Theater, so I immediately jumped on the chance to read something new written by Brian Clevinger. This doesn’t have the same wackiness his webcomic is known for, but it’s a great straightforward book. The overall tone reminds me of Hellboy (yes, there are even Nazis). But, it has so much of it’s own charm that I can easily reccommend it. Read it.

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The surprise hit from Red5. I was planning to pick this up but didn’t list because I didn’t know if my store was going to get any and if they did, if I would be able to get. Luckily, got the only self copy. Anyway, Atomic Robo is definitely worth the money.

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This makes me very, very happy. The further adventures of one of my absolute favorite books of the past 2 years, Atomic Robo. Robo is a sentient robot created by the great Nicola Tesla, and sent out into the world to have adventures. A great, funny blend of super science and pulp novel swashbuclking. Every comic fan should pick this one up.

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But in comic books, colorful costumes — with or without functional rhyme or reason — are ingrained in the medium’s DNA. The more outlandish, the more we get our puffy-chest hero groove on. Atomic Robo is a comic book worth reading, if only to remind us that the movie version of our crusaders — as great as CGI makes them — sometimes seem to pale in comparison to the worlds that exist between low-tech pulp covers and our own imaginations. Atomic Robo is not high art, but it doesn’t pretend to be. And that honesty is what makes it a fun read.

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I dare say you could give this to someone who was interested only in war comics, and after the inevitable “Atomic what?” reaction, they’d love it. So if you like war stories, or steampunk sci-fi, or action, or comedy, or awesomeness, go buy this comic.

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Books like this are why I read comic books. The greatest strength that a comic book has is that the creators can put anything they can imagine on the page, no matter how bizarre or impossible. A good comic book is one that presents a world more exciting and fun and magical than our own. By this definition, Atomic Robo is a very good comic book indeed.

You can also find an audio review of Atomic Robo – Dogs of War #1 at Comic Book Noise in their podcast. Enjoy!

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  1. Ryan Burton Says:

    Guys–this is awesome, awesome news! Congrats on the great reviews. I can’t wait for the next wave of Red 5 titles to come out!


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