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G4’s Fresh Ink with Blair Butler – The lovely and talented G4 comics reporter delivers a glowing review of Atomic Robo and the Dogs of War #3. Check it out!!

IGN Comics

The comic book equivalent of Indiana Jones, Robo delivers heavy on the fighting, shuffling characters from one set piece to the next, delivering quips and banter along the way. Much like his cinematic counterpart, Robo is paired with a female teammate who provides ample amounts of sass as Robo bungles and brawls his way after Nazi soldiers. ….That’s why the book is fun – it’s escapism at its finest.

Comic Book Resources

It’s a fun and exciting issue, with the excellent Wegener art we’ve come to expect and a fun script by Clevinger. The back-up story is fun as well, as Jenkins, one of Robo’s operatives, goes on vacation. Jenkins is quite awesome, and his vacation is just what the doctor ordered. It’s four pages with more character development and awesome action in it than your standard DC comic. And it’s just the back-up! Imagine how good the regular story is? Seriously, people: Buy Atomic Robo! You have nothing to lose except your cynicism!

Comicxtreme Done in One Reviews

There’s plenty of action this month, and the creative team here delivers completely. This is fun, exciting, and energizing comics the way they were meant to be told. The back-up story this month is by Clevinger and Lauren Pettapiece. It’s a cute story about what constitutes a vacation for Jenkins, and it’s really funny. I forget who it was who first told me I should check out this title, but I really owe them a big thank-you. I’ve enjoyed every page.

Comics Bulletin

Atomic Robo shouldn’t work. But it does work. Atomic Robo not only succeeds but spectacularly so – bringing heart, smarts, great stories and art, a grand sense of fun and just damn good writing. These elements breathe life into a sub-genre that thrives on weirdness but can easily fall into cliché. There is a thin but distinct line between imitation and homage. Imitation just apes the surface look of the original material. Homage holds the inspiring material close to its heart but wants to make something new. Atomic Robo clearly falls on the homage side of the line. It’s no surprise that Atomic Robo has some Hellboy DNA (both the art and the stories are heavily inspired by Mignola) but Atomic Robo understands what makes its influences tick and builds off of that understanding, creating something shiny and new but with deep pulpy roots. Atomic Robo makes the smart move of bringing a heaping dose of its own playful personality along for the ride.

Comics And…

Atomic Robo just rocks. Always entertaining and always a great read.

Chili Pepper Chris’s Comic Cave

I’m telling you folks, you can’t beat the entertainment value in this comic. We continue with Atomic Robo’s adventure of trying to stop the Nazis from interfering with the Allied mission in Europe in 1943, in which they are using walking tanks and other scientific means. This issue also has Robo “teaming-up” with Britain’s adventurer, The Sparrow, to catch the creator of the walking tanks. Lots of fun here! Buy!! Grade: A


Pretty much everything I need to enjoy this comic is in this comic. I liked the structural bit at the beginning with three parallel stories that end up mixing together, and the dialogue is definitely up to snuff. The backup is short but sweet, just enough of a “busman’s holiday” to get the gag across. Strongly recommended.

Talkin Bout Comics

Excellent series, great art, great writing, fun… who could ask for anything more?

Orlando Comics Examiner

Atomic Robo maintains its status with every issue as a consistent, quality action title. The book is often humor-filled while sometimes slipping in a well-earned emotional moment. Try the first trade, and it won’t leave your pull list.

Comic Pants

The action packed hilarity continues in this issue where Robo “teams” up with a British operative in hopes of stopping the Nazi threat. Clevinger and Wegener continue their smart and clever, immensely entertaining antics.

Comics And…

This series is always a blast and Robo attacking the train the Nazi bad guys is on and running into another good guy spy was amusing. It was all a trap and Robo fell right into it.

Finally, Comic Book Resources – A Month of Art Stars highlighted Robo artist Scott Wegener! Check out their report!


Ain’t It Cool News

Being a big old case of “more like it”, this second issue of the new ATOMIC ROBO was definitely in much better fighting form than the first. Everything is just more crisp it seems, like part one was it stretching out and getting its leg muscles going before the real running began. The humor is much crisper, mainly in the form of Robo’s quipping and exasperated yellings, which are something that was somewhat lacking last issue. And this issue was also definitely on a big old testosterone high with action galore, mostly in the form of hot metal bot on metal bot fighting – just the way I like things and how they should be. This is much more the Indie darling that I’ve come to love this past year and an example of action/adventure comic book-ing at its finest. I can’t wait for more Robo.

Talkin Bout Comics

Good writing, great art, amazing color! good stuff!

Comics Nexus

I cannot get enough of this character – and this is coming from a guy whose comic book diet unapologetically consists of 99.999999998% superheroes. You show me a guy who can’t derive any entertainment from a snarky, @$$-kicking robot who uses the word “mook,” and I’ll show you a guy who’s past probably includes electroshock therapy.

Hero Sandwich

Verdict: Giving this one a thumbs up, too. Robo’s a ton of fun, and the only thing better than killing Nazis is killing Nazi robots.


This is a great series. I picked up issue #1 a few weeks ago, having never heard of Atomic Robo. What a refreshing and fun character. This series is fast-paced, with lots of action and a great sense of fun. It even manages to keep a sense of realism (related to war), but within it’s lighthearted fantasy context. A real winner from Red 5 comics.

Comic Box Commentary

As for me, I did my part talking up Atomic Robo (wittily written by Brian Clevinger and distinctly drawn by Soctt Wegener) at my store and spreading the word about how great and fun that series is. It is well worth reading!

Comics And…

I always have so much fun reading Atomic Robo. The main story was a bit short but the backup stories are so well done that I don’t mind. Awesome art and fun stories – what more could you ask for?


It’s like Hellboy if Hellboy were a robot, with less gruff, more snark. Oh, and most (but not all) of the mystacism replaced with mad science. Four out of four stars.


Comics And…

This is one of my favorite comics ever! The plot line is really heating up even more. Also, what an awesome cover. I have to say that Neozoic has some of the best covers ever.


Wit War

Given the fact that both Superheroes and Humor are somewhat “dead” genres in the world of independent comics, Kevin Rubio’s Abyss is a breath of much-needed fresh air that shows the mainstream comics world exactly what they should be producing monthly. The best way that I can think to describe Abyss is a combination of the following elements: Imagine the premise for Wanted (check my review if you don’t know it, and the movie doesn’t count!) being executed in a style that reminiscent of The Incredibles, “ The Tick“, and “Clerks: The Animated Series,” with a touch of “Robot Chicken”’s referential and self-parodying humor. Are you intrigued yet?

ZMD: ZOMBIES OF MASS DESTRUCTION #2 interviews Kevin Grevioux about his work on Underworld as well as his other projects!

The Blog Monster

In this issue, we meet the “hero”…Colonel Matthew Drake. Riding a desk and offering advice, the former war hero gets drafted back into field work to capture Zombie Zero. It’s heading toward the town where his former girlfriend and their child are living…

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