Broken Frontier Interviews Red 5 Comics

Broken Frontier’s Delusions of Grandeur has interviewed me (Scott!) about Red 5 Comics. We talk about our origins, how to run an indie publisher, creator owned titles, iPhone comics, and more! And if you look carefully, you’ll see a little about our upcoming title called DRONE. Here’s a sample:

Red 5 has been busy building on their success by releasing a second volume of Atomic Robo (entitled Dogs of War), collecting other finished series into trades, and launching new titles such as Drone. This one’s about “satellite controlled robots conducting war on the other side of the planet.”

But what I find most interesting about the approach Red 5 Comics has taken is that during these hard economic times and dropping comic sales, not only are they sticking with their company plan to continue publishing the traditional “floppy” comic, they’re actively searching for webcomics they can bring to print.

Visit the link above for more!

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