The Making of Drone!

Great Caeser’s Post interviewed me about the development of Red 5’s upcoming title Drone which is previewed in our 2009 Free Comic Book Day issue:

Great Caesar’s Post: Who are the creators of Drone? What other work have they done?

Scott Chitwood: Drone is written by me. I’m the co-owner of Red 5 Comics and I co-wrote Afterburn with Paul Ens. The art on Drone is done by Randy Kintz. He has previously worked on Ray Harryhausen Presents: Jason and the Argonauts from Bluewater Productions. The colors are done by Garry Henderson, who does a lot of work for Zenescope including Grimm Fairy Tales, Return to Wonderland, and other titles. The concept art and designs for most of the robots was done by Jesse McGibney. He’s still in art school, but based on his work I think you can expect to see a lot from him in the future.

GCP: What’s the general idea behind Drone?

SC: The story was basically inspired by the reports of drone airplanes being used by the military in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was intrigued by the idea of people conducting war via remote control from the other side of the planet.

The basic story is that it’s the near future and the U.S. military has started to secretly use robotic drones in combat in a war in Kazakhstan. The drones are searching for a rebel leader while the operator controls it from a bunker in the U.S. A hacker and his friends stumble across the satellite transmission and start watching the feeds for entertainment. It’s kind of a reality TV show for them.

But when rebels capture the robots, lock out the U.S. military and their controls, and start killing the human technicians accompanying the drones, our hackers quickly realize they are the only ones that can save them. Against their better judgment, our heroes take control of a drone and clumsily save a lone female technician. Thus begins a race across war torn Kazakhstan to get her to safety. They must run from pursuing rebels, evade hijacked enemy-controlled robots, and maintain the satellite uplink as the drone becomes more and more battered. It’s a little bit War Games, a little bit The Last Starfighter, a little bit Terminator, and a lot of action adventure.

Visit the link above for more!

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