Christopher Leone talks We Kill Monsters

ComicMonsters.Com recently interviewed Christopher Leone about the upcoming Red 5 comic We Kill Monsters:

The Big Bad Wolf: Who are the main characters?

Christopher Leone: The younger brother, Jake Basher, is something of a mechanical genius — he could put a car engine back together when he was 10. He’s a nerdy, introverted genius in the body of a lummox. Andrew Basher is the older, responsible brother who has to take care of his odd younger brother. Andrew is a mechanic too, but he runs the garage, tries to pay the bills and property taxes so they don’t lose the house they grew up in. The brothers lost their parents at a young age, so they’re the only family they’ve got. Which means they’re close, but drive each other crazy. There’s also Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, Vanessa — who’s a tough, hot bartender chick — who gets pulled into the Bashers’ monster killing for her own reasons. So the three of them form this tight, dysfunctional unit.

The Big Bad Wolf: What types of monsters will we see in this book?

Christopher Leone: They’re the sort of monsters you’d have nightmares about when you were a kid. Big, violent, remorseless things with sharp teeth. One has three eyes and horns, another is a giant insect, another is like a man-rabbit hybrid. No one knows where they come from. But there’s no hand-wringing or moral ambiguity involved. The monsters are evil and have to be destroyed, period.

Visit the link above for more!

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