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The Red 5 team has been popping up all over the interwebs. Check out what we’ve been up to!

StarWars.Com interviewed Scott Chitwood (me!) and Midknight creator Tom Hodges about attending Star Wars Celebration I in Denver back in 1999.

We saw someone walking through the crowd and one of our guys said, “Was that Alice Cooper?” And sure enough, it was. He was there with his son who was a big Star Wars fan.
- Scott Chitwood, Co-Publisher Red 5 Comics

Paul Ens was also interviewed by the Calgary Herald about publishing comics in Canada and the Calgary ‘creative class’:

For Ens of Red 5 Comics, the strength of Calgary’s creative class surprised him and gave him an economic boost. Before moving to the city, he worked virtually with artists and writers in Australia, Florida, Toronto and Brazil, and he wasn’t aware there even was a comic community in Calgary.

“Once we picked which city we were going to move to, I started investigating,” he says. “(Calgary) had quite a little local scene developing unbeknownst to me when we picked Calgary.

“One of our initial titles was called Afterburn,” he adds. “We . . . threw that script out to the local scene and several local folks immediately gave me some great feedback on that project. It has since gone on to be published and has been purchased by Tobey Maguire (and Fast and Furious producer Neil Moritz) to make a major motion picture.

“So I immediately owed a bit of a debt to the local scene.”

Scott Wegener also has a web comic he illustrated up on Zuda Comics called Gone Zombie. Be warned…it has nudity and adult themes! You’ve been warned!

Comingsoon.Net has also posted a report on Scott Chitwood’s visit to the set of Terminator Salvation in Albuquerque:

As we concluded our tour, we walked through the prop shop. Weapons and other goodies were spread throughout it, but on a workbench was one of the signature objects from the series – a Terminator skull. Being a Terminator geek, it was quite a thrill to hold one in my hands. Surprisingly, this one was made of rubber. It was also darker, an indication it belonged to a T-700. Laing told us that in a scene when the characters fall out of Serena’s lab into the Terminator factory, they land on a pile of these skulls (hence the rubber). As they look over, the skull’s eyes light up. Laing tried to get it to light up, but had no luck. He told us that the original Terminator had teeth based on a cast of Schwarzenegger when he was in his 20’s. Stan Winston’s company kept the molds and were still using them, but Laing wouldn’t say if they were being used to make a new younger Arnie now for Terminator Salvation.

Stay tuned for more Red 5 fun and hijinks!

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