More Shadow and FCBD Reviews

The good reviews for Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time #1 keep coming in. And those that were able to find our Free Comic Book Day issue are also chiming in!

USA Today – Pop Candy

In case you need help with your shopping, here are five books I’ll definitely be grabbing tomorrow:

1. Atomic Robo and Friends by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener (Red 5). I’ve been reading this title on my iPhone, but I’m excited to see our hero battle Dr. Dinosaur. (Check out that cover!) The book also includes previews of other Red 5 titles.

Wired – Geek Dad

It’s hard to find comics that I want to save until my children are a bit older so I can pull out those comics, dust them off, and share the wonderful reading experience all over again. Atomic Robo are amongst those hallowed graphic novels. If you haven’t read Atomic Robo yet, get out there and pick up the first two trades! Trust me, it’s worth every penny and second invested in these wonderful books. But if you want to get right in without a bunch of backstory, Shadow From Beyond Time will serve you well. Our Tesla created hero encounters and combats Lovecraftian horror and the gifted creators of this mini-series pull out all the stops right out of the gate. There’s a pretty good back-up story, too. Look, I wouldn’t call Atomic Robo “family reading”, but it’s certainly more older-kid family friendly than most other things out there, and Shadow From Beyond Time should appeal to BPRD readers out there. This issue gets an unspeakably high GeekDad Stack score of 9/10.

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Did I Like It? Not Atomic Robo, no sir. I did not like it. Can’t say that at all.

I LOVED IT. If I had an Eisner vote, it would be my front runner for best short story of the year. Which could be why I don’t have an Eisner vote, sure, but that’s just because those elitist fat cats are too stupid to acknowledge the genius of a story called “Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur.” I won’t spoil it for you if you either didn’t get the issue of haven’t read it yet, but either way, you’re in for a treat when you do experience it for the first time (I’m sure it will be in a future trade, just like last year’s story was). The other two stories are vignettes from two new comics, Drones and We Kill Monsters. They establish the premise of each series well, and are both solid pieces of work, but neither really wowed me.

Will I Buy The Series(es)? I already bought an Atomic Robo trade and enjoyed it immensely, so yeah, I will be buying more AR volumes in the future (I know a new mini started this week, but I’m waiting for the trade, as I do with all Hellboy style “wise assed, working class supernatural pulp hero” style comics. I’m set in my ways there). If the other two series get good word of mouth I may give them a shot, but Robo was really the star of the show here

The Weekly Crisis – Moments of the Week

Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #1 is both my Moment and Anti-Moment of the Week this week. It’s my MotW because, well, it’s Atomic Robo – one of the funniest and most entertaining comics I’ve ever read. It’s my Anti-MotW because Diamond, those magnificient bastards, messed up the shipping of the book and it didn’t ship to the anyone on the east coast.

The Weekly Crisis – FCBD Review

The Atomic Robo story is a distillation of everything that makes Atomic Robo great in eight pages. Its got humor (”Behold the pulpy fruit of my vastly superior reptilian intellect!), science (Clevinger disproves all non-magic based time travel as folly) and action (a velociraptor with a bazooka). The story is called Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur and it is the perfect description of the story. Robo spends the eight pages fighting/arguing with Dr. Dinosaur to his great annoyance, which actually a large part of the humor. I also loved Dr. Dinosaur. Comics need more characters like Dr. Dinosaurs, in fact. He’s insane, funny, both his personality and visual design, and he’s got a great concept behind him, time travel dinosaur genius, or that’s what he thinks he is. Wonderful character and I hope he shows up again at some point. The story also ends with what may be the best four panels I have seen in a long time. Just hilarious.

The Kid’s Comic Book Reviews (Age 8!)

The Atomic Robo book was very good and had three different short stories. The Atomic Robo short story was the best one. Robo is on an island fighting a dinosaur who has a machine gun and is trying to kill him. I read the regular Atomic Robo books and like them a lot. Robo is a robot who works with the army to fight bad guys and this one was a little bit different because he’s fighting an evil dinosaur but I like the things were a little different. The second story in the comic was about a whole army of robots. It has nothing to do with Atomic Robo but it looked okay. I thought the last story was pretty good, too. It’s about two brothers who kill monsters and I liked the battle they had with the huge monster in this issue. I think that this comic had 3 pretty good stories that show a lot of different comics that the company puts out. I think a lot of people who don’t read comics would find good things to like about these characters and stories.

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Best Robot vs. Dinosaur Story: “Atomic Robo/Drone/We Kill Monsters”
I have a confession to make: I read the first “Atomic Robo” trade, and I didn’t like it much. The art was great. The concept was nice. But the pacing and dialogue destroyed the story for me. Yet the “Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur” short story in this FCBD offering was the best story I read all weekend. It was funny and smart and ridiculous in all the right ways. I will definitely give “Atomic Robo” another chance after seeing this story.

The Quarter Bin

Boy do I enjoy a good Atomic Robo tale. What, you haven’t been reading Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener’s hilarious Sci-fi actioner? Oh, you poor, poor child. You really don’t know what you’ve been missing. Time to find out then, wouldn’t you say? Pick up this $3.50 comic.


The John Stanley Library Featuring Nancy & Melvin Monster was a delight but if I had to pick just one FCBD comic as my favorite it would just have to be the Atomic Robo/ Drone / We Kill Monsters sampler from Red 5. It contains “Why Atomic Robo Hates Dr. Dinosaur” where Robo acquires his first actual supervillain, which goes even worse than you could possibly imagine.


This volume’s subtitle is “Shadow from Beyond Time,” and as that implies, it involves Lovecraft. And Charles Fort for added fun. The portrayal of HPL isn’t all that favorable, but one must keep three things in mind: 1) HPL isn’t favorable anyway, 2) Warren Ellis was far nastier in that one Planetary crossover event, and 3) we get a good in-story reason for it besides point 1. Oh, and Tesla himself makes a rare (if only partial) appearance, with one of the best lines in the issue. The story is set very early in Robo’s life, but the essential elements of his personality are already in place, minus the world-weary
cynicism (instead, it’s youthful teenage-style cynicism). The backup story is a “meanwhile” to a backup from during v2. Strongly recommended.

Weekly Crisis

Boy, am I glad I finally got myself a copy of this book. Where the second volume went with a more traditional style of storytelling, which focused on a flashback to WWII, this issue proved that the third time is the charm as I haven’t laughed out loud at an issue or been this entertained with a comic since the first volume was published.

It’s fun, tongue in cheek and just plain works in the context of this story and setting and having Lovecraft possessed by a version of his own Cthulhu monster is just too good to be true.

Verdict – Must Read. One of the most polished Robo scripts to date, excellently paced and beautifully drawn, this is an excellent start to the third volume of Atomic Robo and you do youself a disservice if you aren’t picking this book up.

Robot Panic

I said it last week in my FREE COMIC BOOK DAY section of my post, that Atomic Robo and Friends is my most looked forward to book being given away during FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. And it didn’t dissapoint.

Atomic Robo, for those who are unaware of its existence, is an amalgamation of everything that we love about Indiana Jones, Hellboy, Joss Whedon -esque dialogue and quirky humor.

While not a full issue of Atomic Robo, this short story contained in the book is about Robo fighting off a new enemy called Dr. Dinosaur. And yes, Dr. Dinosaur is a talking dinosaur, not to mention possible time traveler. The confrontation between Robo and Dr. Dinosaur is constantly hilarious. Between firing off potshots and punches, Robo and Dr. Dinosaur debate the scientific plausibilities of time travel and the degrees in which it would take someone to perform time travel. And the debate how this time traveler can be a talking dinosaur.

I consider Atomic Robo to be one of my favorite series of all time. The humor in it is just unparalled. It never takes itself seriously and yet still delivers some great stories.

If you at all interested in reading Atomic Robo, and if you aren’t you have no heart, a new “season” of Atomic Robo comes out on May 6th. And while you pick up the new series, why not grab this issue if you didn’t already? It was FREE!

Talkin Bout Comics

Clevinger,Wegener,Pattison,Powell – I don’t always include everyone’s name when I talk about comics. I am doing so for this, just to emphasize how perfectly every aspect of this book is done. If you aren’t reading Robo, you need to start right now. If you don’t have the money to pick up the first two trades (each one a must have), then at least pick up this issue. This series is filled with action and humor(this issue has less action, but is still a page turner). In this issue(set in 1926), Charles Fort and HP Lovecraft show up at Robo’s door looking for Tesla. The writing is perfect, the art is perfect, the color is perfect, even the lettering is perfect. This series honestly has a dream team working on it, whether anyone knows it or not. (I know I am gushing, but at this point they could call it *All Star Atomic Robo* and they wouldn’t be out of line.) I hope we continue to see a long line of top notch mini series from these folks for years to come (and movies and toys and anything that will get them paid as a reward for excellence)

Living Between Wednesdays

This new series looks to be just as great as the prior two. It takes place in Atomic Robo’s formative years and features both Charles Fort and my old friend H.P. Lovecraft (in a delightfully frenetic and… Lovecraftian role). One issue in and I’m delighted. I have no doubt that the next four will be just as good (the Free Comic Book Day Atomic Robo was my favourite free comic book of all).

Chris’s Invincible Super Blog

The Shadow From Beyond Time #1: Okay, let’s get this out of the way right now: I love Atomic Robo.

Ever since the characer’s debut in 2007, Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener have been knocking it out of the park every time with what is unquestionably one of the funniest and best comics on the stands. It’s great stuff that rivals even Paul Grist’s work for sheer comic book fun, and this issue’s the best of ‘em all.

That’s no mean feat, considering how good this year’s Free Comic Book Day story was, but for pure entertainment, this one’s a winner. Admittedly, I’m more of a sucker than most for comics about historical figures having adventurers–hence my undying love of both Tales From The Bully Pulpit and Five Fists Of Science–and this one hits that spot perfectly, and even if Clevinger’s heading to the old standard plot hook of the Tunguska blast, I’ve got confidence that he’ll be able to pull it off with his usual skill. Heck, he was killing me within the first couple of pages when I realized he was doing a story starring HP Lovecraft, even before he said the guy’s name.

Anyway, the point is that this thing looks like the start of another fantastic romp courtesy of Clevinger and Wegener–whose work is also in Killer of Demons and the Human Torch special this week and who can do more with two eyelids than most artists can pull off with entire facial expressions–and if you’re not already reading it, then honestly, you need to be.

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  3. Rob Says:

    Any chance on a story line on Robo’s origin? I know he was created by Tesla, but where did he get his personality? How did Tesla invent automatic intelligence?

    And how about a storyline (or maybe short story) about the Shadow Before Time when it involved Tesla, Fort, Houdini, Lovecraft, and the Wardenclyffe Tower’s use? Were these the original “Fighting Scientists”?

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