Red 5 Gang at Star Wars: Celebration IV

Red 5 Comics is pleased to be working with many writers and artists who are associated with the world of Star Wars. As such, it’s only natural that last week’s record-breakingly massive Star Wars: Celebration IV convention honoring the 30th anniversary of Star Wars should serve as a mini-gathering of Red 5 artists.

Los Angeles Convention Center
The Los Angeles Convention Center – home of Star Wars: Celebration IV
Tom Hodges Terri Fontana-Hodges
Red 5 Comics’ Midknight-creators Tom Hodges and Terri Fontana-Hodges
Steve Anderson Red 5 Logo
Artist Steve Anderson at his table… the Red 5 logo also made an appearance!
Matt Busch
Afterburn cover artist Matt Busch promotes his latest book, “You Can Draw Star Wars”

Rumor has it that Abyss-creator Kevin Rubio was also on the convention floor, but he eluded the cameras. Anyone have a shot of him?

Thanks to Terri Fontana-Hodges for the photos, and The Official Star Wars Blog for the picture of Matt.

San Diego Comic-Con is the next major event for Red 5 Comics. More news on that soon…

One Response to “Red 5 Gang at Star Wars: Celebration IV

  1. axl99 Says:

    SAN DIEGO?! If any of the Neozoic crew are gonna go, I’m so there.

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