Early Reviews for We Kill Monsters

Early reviews for We Kill Monsters are coming in and they’re quite good! You can check them out for yourself below. Also be sure your comic shop orders the title from this month’s Previews catalog or you may miss out!

Ain’t It Cool News

Having read this entire book already, I can guarantee you that this is one that shouldn’t be missed. It’s got a quirky EVIL DEAD meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD feel and this issue in particular has a FROM DUSK TILL DAWN story 180 degree turn that leaves you spinning. Can’t wait to see more of this series, but we’ll have to wait until the first issue hits the stands on July 8th!

Kleefield On Comics

I’ve been impressed with Red 5’s titles so far, and We Kill Monsters is no exception. All of Red 5’s books are just really well done, I think, and they’re a great example of a comic book publisher doing things right. You bring in good talent, and let them be talented. Great works are generally the result.

Ideology of Madness

Gotta tell you, this book looks awfully cool. It’s the story of two brothers who find out the hard way that monsters are real. So they go all Dean and Sam on ‘em. Who kills monsters? We Kill Monsters!

Jazma Online

So its Red Necks vs Monsters! There is plenty of action and excitement. In some aspects this is like a horror movie. It will have you on the edge of your seat. These good ole’ boys are taking it to the monsters. So hang on for a battle unlike any you have seen before.

Indie Pulp

It’s not out until July, but Red 5 Comics has some early buzz going for it’s new series, “We Kill Monsters”. Written by Laura Harkcom and Christopher Leone—creators of the Sci-Fi Channel’s “The Lost Room”—the new action-comedy mini-series stars two brother thrown into a world of monsters. Think Sam and Dean Winchester (CW’s “Supernatural”), only crank up the comedy and monster gauges. Promises to be a good ride.

Batman Obviously

First off, I’ve just got to say, this is a really cool comic. I probably do much more than my share of bitching about the Big Two, but I’m still a tough-sale when it comes to checking out new labels. While this is mostly just because I’m a jerk, the second biggest factor in getting me into new publishers is the art — which is odd, because I’m not a big Art Guy. You know what I mean, though, right? When you open a couple books by the new kid on the block, and the art is all in the same style, screaming “Come on, we’re only a couple years behind …”, and you can tangibly feel the imminent demise of the comic AND the company. Well, yeah, We Kill Monsters doesn’t have that AT ALL.

Red 5 really won me over with the quality of this book; it’s a fun, quick-moving story that is immediately engaging. We Kill Monsters has got me sold on picking up issue #2 when it ships, and on buying into the hype I’ve heard about their other books like Atomic Robo. If you’ve got anything from Red 5 that you’d recommend, let me know in the comments.


I could read comics about dudes punching monsters in the face from a moving vehicle all day long. Tragically, there aren’t many comics where this occurs. Seein how Hellboy rarely rides in cars and no other books are heavy on the whole high velocity monster-punching thing, I’ve been jonesing for a fix. This book definitely filled that hole in my life.

The Comic Additction

We Kill Monsters stands strong on its own, yet subconsciously I can’t help feeling that it brings back everything I used to love about Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was on TV – it has the humour, the monsters, the gripping characters and a story that I don’t want to end. This is great news, since I have now found something to fill that void that Buffy’s own Season 8 comics haven’t quite managed to do. Unfortunately, We Kill Monsters isn’t released until July 8th so in the meantime it looks like I’ll just have to hold my breath until issue #2.

Comic Book Jesus

Brian Churilla (The Engineer from Archaia) conveys the inner feelings of the characters well, considering the few lines he uses. Christopher Leone’s script moves things along at a brisk pace, but it never feels like its rushing to get all the talking out of the way until the monster shows his face. He shows the awkward concern that the brothers have for one another, and how that affects the relationships around them.

Comics Bulletin

Jake and Drew are an affable pair and it’s easy to see why Leone and co-creator Laura Harkcom chose these two to head the story–they’re both fairly archetypal, even down to their physical design (there’s not a rough edge to either one) and their responses to what happens to them are fairly grounded and relatable (in these harsh economic times what would be the first thing you would do if you came across a monster’s corpse?).

Comics And….

My first impression in reading this issue was of the art. I’m not familiar with the artist, Brian Churilla, but I already enjoy his work. He has a borderline cartoonish style that sets the mood for the story. With a less simplistic style it would have been harder to accept the seemingly random encounter the characters have with a monster. The colorist, Ronda Pattison, also helps to set a lighter mood with soothing and familiar color work. It’s important for the visual art to establish a setting that works hand in hand with the plot and I was happy to see this book deliver such a team.

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