We Kill Monsters’ Writers Interviewed

The Comic Addiction interviewed We Kill Monsters creators Laura Harkcom and Christopher Leone:

The Comic Addiction: Having a sister myself I can vouch for that one! Moving on, We Kill Monsters seems to take elements and influences from a number of Sci-fi franchises, are there any in particular that you can pinpoint as being critical to the creation of your story?

Laura: Ghostbusters — the idea of mixing funny and scary. So the threats are real, the violence is real, but the tone, the overall adventure, is a fun one.

Chris: Evil Dead 2 also. There were some video game influences as well. Bioshock, for one.

The Comic Addiction: Bioshock? That’s an influence that hadn’t really occured to me – should we be expecting a massive twist at the end of the storyline like there was in that game?!

Chris: Yes, there are a lot of twists and turns, and one HUGE surprise near the end. But I’ll say no more…

Visit the link above for more of the interview!

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