Atomic Robo Around The Web

Atomic Robo has been popping up all around the internet! Here are a few highlights.

ComicBook.Com interviewed Robo artist Scott Wegener:

Without giving too much away, Wegener was excited about what the future will hold for the series. ”We’re going to be adding, in volume four of the series, more of the action scientists from the first volume, such as Bernard. Fans can also expect to see more of Dr. Dinosaur and they will see a villain of Dr. Tesla’s becoming a villain of Robo’s but I can’t say more than that!” Wegener sees the series as limitless, with stories from all eras at his fingertips, drawing and working on Atomic Robo has been a satisfying experience.

Multiversity Comics also interviewed Robo writer Brian Clevinger:

So what is a day in the life of Brian Clevinger like? How does a successful indie comic writer go about his daily things?

Brian Clevinger: I wake up at 9am and get to work. Mon, Wed, and Fri that’s writing the 8-bit Theater comic I’ll put together that afternoon or evening. After lunch I write…something else! Depends on what deadlines are coming up, but it’s generally something related to Atomic Robo, Warbot in Accounting, Emerson Wild: Monster Hunter, or How I Killed Your Master.

I go to bed around 2 – 3am and start all over again. About half the time I have to finish 8-bit on the following morning. I also work all weekend and consider holidays/vacations to be nearly unbearable interruptions.

Transformers.Hostei.Com did a video review of Robo. also did an audio review of Robo. Spiffy!

Meanwhile, over at Atomic-Robo.Com the creators gave a sneak peek at some of the potential titles of the upcoming Robo volumes:

Atomic Robo and Other Strangeness – this is Volume 4. I’m working on the first issue at the moment!

Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X – this will probably be the fifth volume as it takes place “now” and I’d rather it be a current “now” than a later one.

Atomic Robo in Diamonds Are For Never – this is a ’70s science heist adventure. Working title.

Atomic Robo and The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific – Post-WWII air-piracy with a load of weird Jet Age tech. It’ll probably be the sixth volume.

Atomic Robo Under an Iron Sky – The return of an old foe with a new weapon and an old friend who is a new friend and also a foe (whew). Working title.

Finally, just to blow your mind, check out the Robo costume created by a talented fan! They’re all here!

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