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At the Long Beach Comic Con this past weekend, We Kill Monsters creators Laura Harkom and Christopher Leone participated on a panel covering “Comic to Screen”. Also on the panel were Jpeh Loeb amd Robot Chicken’s Mike Falsolo. Comic Book Resources provided a write-up on the panel:

Scalera asked the duo what could be done with a comic that couldn’t be done with a television show such as ‘The Lost Room.’ Leone responded “Yeah, I come out of a visual effects background. I understand what it takes to build a CG monster. But in this [the comic's] case, you just tell the guy to draw it.

Harkom agreed, saying “You know, very early on we thought ’should this be a TV show?’ And then we thought, with the way budgets are for television shows today, we would never get to execute the monsters the way that we wanted them to be. But whatever you can imagine, you can have drawn for the same price as drawing any other page. So we decided to go the comic route, and we’re really glad we did.

Laughing, Leone said “And the insane thing about Hollywood is that the odds are, the chances of actually making it into a movie or something are probably ten times better as a comic book. Which is insane, right? Why shouldn’t it just be a script?

Laura Harkom and Christopher Leone’s “We Kill Monsters,” published by Red 5 ComicsWhen asked if, in their experience, Hollywood is looking at the comics field as an incubator, Leone answered “A lot of people say, well, it’s got pictures, it’s more like a movie. But I think that is a rationalization. I think they like that someone published it. Validated it. ‘Well, someone published it, it must be worth something.’” he said.

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