Newsarama Highlights Atomic Robo

Newsarama asked readers to tell them what non-superhero comics were out there that were overlooked gems. Atomic Robo was overwhelmingly praised in the Twitterverse. In response Vaneta Rogers posted an interview with Robo writer Brian Clevinger:

“Since we jump around in time so much, if not in every issue, than in every volume, Scott gets to complain at me,” Clevinger laughed, “because he has to design a whole new cast of characters in a whole new era, with different architecture and technology. Robo’s life is so long that he doesn’t really have a stable set of characters yet. But we’ve got 80 years of adventure, and you’ll learn more about all the characters he meets. Just be patient. There are all kinds of things being built upon other things.”

The creators came up with the idea for Atomic Robo back in 2006. Clevinger, who wrote the novel Nuklear Age, put together a webcomic for a class that ended up getting thousands of hits and attention from loyal fans who wanted more. He ended up continuing the webcomic, which became 8-Bit Theater, a parody of video games and fantasy stories. Since the series began, Wegener has done work at Marvel and Image, including Punisher War Journal and Killer of Demons.

“With the standard 12-issues-a-year schedule, you invariably run into problems where you find filler issues. That’s something we didn’t have any interest in doing,” Clevinger said. “So we just concentrate on doing mini-series, or volumes of Atomic Robo. And in between those, we have a two or three months off, sometimes furiously working on research for the next series, sometimes just jumping straight into the next series, or something giving Scott a chance to do other work for Marvel or Image or whatever. And that’s worked out very well so far.”

Visit the link above for more sweet Robo lovin’!

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