We Kill Monsters Interviews & Reviews

We Kill Monsters #5 recently hit stores and the web is a better place for it!

First up, Ideology of Madness has posted an audio interview with Laura Harkcom and Christopher Leone. Forbidden Panel has a cool audio interview with the creators, too. Check them both out!

Next, we have The Pull Box which posted a text interview with both the writers, artist Brian Churilla, and colorist Ronda Pattison. Here’s a sample:

Eric: Is the final look of the book what was originally envisioned?

CHRIS: For us, I say yeah. I wanted likeable characters, killer monsters, lots of violence along with some funny parts. So I think this look was exactly right to capture that tone.

LAURA: Chris and I had never worked with Brian, Jeff, or Ronda before this book, so I was basing my expectations on Brian’s work from “The Engineer,” and Ronda and Jeff’s work in “Atomic Robo.” And then just crossing my fingers and hoping it would all come together in a way unique to our story in WKM. It ended up turning out cooler than I ever could have dreamed.

BRIAN: It ended up looking better than I had imagined it would. Ronda is a real wizard, and makes the artwork sing.

RONDA: I feel like I have a pretty clear idea now of how the book should look, but each issue is still a bit of a learning curve as I adapt to Brian’s art style and learn what Chris best responds to visually, etc. That’s just part of learning to work together and know each other as a team. I’m sure we’ll have it nailed by the last issue. ;)

Visit the link above for more!

We also have a positive review of Issue #5 from Comic Book Jesus:

Simple, well-written tales are a rarity in these days of multi-character epics that require many months (and dollars) of commitment. That’s where Red 5 come along. Series like their Atomic Robo and Neozoic are brilliant, because they’re entertaining and accessible.

WKM’s writing partners Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom have taken a simple premise (two brothers fight aliens in their hometown) and put enough familial drama, action and alien mystery to create an intriguing narrative. Penciller Brian Churilla has really been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to BOOM!’s new The Anchor series (also good) and he does magic with the few lines he uses here.

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