Diamond Previews Highlights Robo Vol 4!

Diamond Previews has highlighted Atomic Robo And The Revenge Of The Vampire Dimension #1 as one of their staff picks for December!

Atomic Robo is back again, and he’s finding it hard to avoid catastrophe with the unimaginable when you work at a secret science facility.

Robo has lived several lifetimes and seen more unusual happenings then any human on his team, but a dimension of vampires crashing through our reality may be even a surprise for Robo. The year is 1999 and, for the moment, Robo isn’t on a mission to examine a phenomenon or destroy a world-threatening creature… it’s just another day at the Tesladyne facility. But all that changes when opposite dimensions become crossed and vampires are the new threat of the week!

From familiar creative team, Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, the fourth volume of the adventures of Atomic Robo is coming. The humorous story of this wisecracking Robot and his decades of battles with anything and everything imaginable has become the break-out hit of Red 5 Comics and new readers joining Robo for the first time on this first issue will certainly realize what all the fuss is about.

Visit the link above to check out the cover and get details on how to get your comic shop to order it for you!

One Response to “Diamond Previews Highlights Robo Vol 4!”

  1. Ryan Burton Says:

    Rarrr! You guys just OOOOZE awesomeness–! Thank y’all for this book.

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