CBR Interviews We Kill Monsters Creators

Comic Book Resources just interviewed We Kill Monsters creators Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom. Here’s a sample:

You say that “We Kill Monsters” was an idea you had, but was that idea initially conceived as a comic book, or was it more like, “This is cool – now what do we do with it?”

Laura Harkom: It was an idea, and we thought about what would be the best way to tell it. We originally created “The Lost Room” because we had only done features, and we initially thought of ["The Lost Room"] as a feature film. But as soon as we started to write down the ideas, we thought my God, this could never be a movie, it couldn’t even fit in a trilogy. Likewise with “We Kill Monsters.” We started writing our ideas and thought, look, the best medium for this would be a comic book.

We had just finished the TV show, and we were thinking TV, but realized budget-wise, you’d have to do almost an X-Files thing where you see the monster in one scene, at the very end of the episode. Or a piece, or a face. We didn’t want this to be that. We really wanted to do the monsters the way we want to do them, and the best way to do that is to draw them.

Did you approach Red 5 Comics, or did they approach you?

Leone: Our agent knew them a little bit and suggested we meet with them. We met with a bunch of publishers, but I think they had everything we wanted. It just kinda clicked, our style, and what they are about.

Harkom: They got it in a way that not everybody did. They understood the tone right off the bat, and what we were going for. [The series'] art is a little more old school than some of the more photo realistic stuff that is out there now. And they totally got that, and appreciated it.

For readers who may not be familiar with it, can you tell us what “We Kill Monsters” is about?

Leone: It’s about two brothers in this small town, who are mechanics. One night, stumbling out of a bar, they are attacked by a monster. One of the brothers, Jake, is bitten on his arm. When he wakes up the next morning, it’s transformed into this super-strong monster arm. And he’s addicted now to this brain fluid from monster brains.

Harkom: Because the monster DNA has mingled with his human DNA.

Leone: So now they have to keep hunting and killing monsters, in order to keep the brother alive.

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  1. Jose A. Rivera Says:

    I LOVED We Kill Monsters! I’ve been getting the issues as they come out through Iverse. I’m pretty new to the whole digital comics scene, but I enjoyed the hell out of this series. Will we see a trade any time soon? That’s not to say the digital comics are bad, but I do want a hard copy of it and I’m REALLY having trouble finding the individual issues at my comic shop. You guys have done a stellar job and I actually would like to see another mini with these guys. We still have no idea what Tronco is and I wanna know!

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