Reviews in for Robo V4.1!

The reviews are in for Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1 and the sweet Robo lovin’ continues!


So deft is the interplay of art and gag in this series, it continually amazes me that Atomic Robo is produced by a split creative team rather than a single writer/artist. Atomic Robo’s humor, as broad and silly as it often is, relies on subtleties of pacing and composition that require artist and writer to be of one mind. One liners would not work if not positioned at just the right place in a sequence of illustrations, humor would not be conveyed without just the right quirk of composition or draftsmanship. In essence, so much of what makes Atomic Robo work seems like it wold be impossible to convey between writer and penciler in the confines of a written script. One wonders if Clevinger and Wegener don’t have some sort of mind-melding device straight out of Robo’s own Tesladyne labs.

Atomic Robo is a perpetual joy to read, undiluted comic book fun. “Revenge Of The Vampire Dimension” has relatively humble aims, but, as with every previous issue of Robo, the perfection of their execution is irreverently sublime.

Comic Book Resources

Yay! A new Atomic Robo series! Good times!

This is a strange first issue. It’s certainly as good as any other random Atomic Robo issue, from the humorous way Bernard gets his job (for which he is, it appears, not very well qualified) to Rex Cannon’s qualifications for the job to the efficiency of Jenkins to Robo’s explanation about where the “vampires” (they’re not really vampires) come from to the somewhat ominous ending after Bernard, seemingly, saves everyone’s behinds. But for a mini-series called “Revenge of the Vampire Dimension,” it seems like the vampire dimension gets closed off fairly quickly. Now, I’m sure Clevinger is going somewhere with this, but this definitely reads like a single issue story. Hey, which means if you foolishly have avoided picking up Atomic Robo so far, you can read this and figure out if you like the book without committing to too much! So get on it!

This comic just makes me so happy. It’s hilarious, it looks great, and presumably it does well enough that our creators can continue with it for at least three more issues. Life is good!

Major Spoilers

The Good
Bernard’s complete confusion in dealing with the whole situation
The art continues to rock
The loser saves the day Jenkins
Pay attention to the backgrounds

The Bad
There’s a bad?

If you’ve never read Atomic Robo, then there is something seriously wrong with you. This first issue is a great jumping on point as it is a done in one story. The central character is an Average Joe we can all identify with, and the payoff is well worth the time, and money for the issue.

Comics And….

Just a joy to see this series back for its fourth mini-series. Atomic Robo always brings a smile to my face. This adventure we start with a character named Bernard being interviewed for a job with Action Scientists. He and another candidate are talking to Robo when his competition is killed by invading vampires from another dimension. Action ensures and Bernard saves the day and gets the job. Great stuff, Clevinger, Wegener and Pattison know how to make comics and make them fun.

Comics Alliance

Even with Jenkins stealing the spotlight at times, Robo’s exasperated, impatient professionalism in the face of a vampire apocalypse provides some great laughs. And Bernard’s path from in-over-his-head new guy to enthusiastic overconfidence is quite enjoyable, too. This is an issue that’s enormous fun, whether or not you’ve ever read any issue of the series before.

Comics Bulletin

Clevinger’s writing is as sharp and funny as ever and Wegener holds up his end as well, delivering the clean, cartoony, exciting art that has become the series’ trademark.

Having this series on the shelves is one of the highlights of modern monthly comics. Long may it last.

Broken Frontier

I just don’t want to know where Clevinger and Wegner get their ideas. It scares me, and therefore I will never ask them. But when you have stories that are always fresh, always clever, always atomic, you have to wonder at what point in their lives did they sell their souls?

Multiversity Comics

I’m a huge fan of Atomic Robo. It does an amazing job of blurring the lines between science, action, adventure, and comedy. Ask anyone and they’ll agree – that’s the number one appeal of the book. And wouldn’t you know it, right off the bat with the first issue of a new volume that is precisely what you get. This issue is as much a tremendous science fueled adventure that one can’t also help but notice it’s also downright hilarious. I know this book gets a lot of comparison to Hellboy (including by us in the past), but I’m not going to lie – even with my giant library hardcovers of Hellboy, I still think this is better.

The Weekly Crisis

There are few joys in life equal to the arrival of a new issue of Atomic Robo. As 43% of us Canadians prefer bacon over sex, I’m going to have to rank Atomic Robo at least above sex, but just below bacon (mmm, bacon). So, after having some bacon this morning and having satisfied that itch, finishing the day with, and I probably say this in regards to just about every new issue, probably the best issue of Atomic Robo to date, I can probably go to bed quite pleased with myself.


…you should totally jump on. In addition to the fantastic story, Wegner’s alt-cartoony style is amazing and fun. Thin pencils, fairly straight forward panel layouts, and a whole mess of squiltch, krakt blams!

Department H

Within the space of a hectic half-hour, Robo sizes up Bernard, motivates him to embrace his inner action hero, and successfully shepherds the FNG through a class-one corporate emergency. This is the kind of interpersonal and tactical awareness and sensitivity to others Hellboy’s never going to develop– especially after the events of The Wild Hunt– and this is where Atomic Robo firmly diverges from Mignola’s work. It’s the sort of dichotomy you see all the time on Lost. Robo is a man of science, while Hellboy is a man of (uncertain) faith, and the difference between them is substantial enough to make me content that Team Robo’s not just reinventing the Ogdru-Jahad wheel.

Highly recommended.

The Sidekick Blog

So Atomic Robo is back in town and he’s been sorely missed let me tell ya. I was first introduce to Atomic Robo by fellow podcaster (of the Comic Racks) and sometimes blogger on this very site Iz McAuliffe as a Dig This! choice for the Sidekickcast. I devoured Volume 1 and have subsequently been making my through the following volumes but couldn’t wait until I reached this one in trade format so I’m cracking on with volume 4 in single issues.

Panels on Pages

Atomic Robo does have something in common with Glass and Oeming’s rodents, however. It is an instant favorite. The character designs are amusing, Pattison’s colors bring them perfectly to life with an animated flair, and the dialog should absolutely have you chuckling like a fool. If you’re a fan of The Tick, Too Much Coffee Man, the afore-referenced Venture Bros., or any like-minded action-laced silliness, then Atomic Robo’s exploits should be right up your alley.

Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1 uses action science to prove that it is possible to do better than 100%, and scores 6 out of 5 screaming Lego head t-shirts.

Sci-Fi Pulse

I’m never disappointed with Atomic Robo. It is always action-oriented, fun, has witty dialogue, and features strange foes. If you haven’t picked it up, I highly recommend it.

Living Between Wednesdays

….a man could go mad waiting for something as beloved as Atomic Robo.

This series looks like it’s going to have more of the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne, but more importantly, it’s going to have more Dr Dinosaur, and more Dr Dinosaur means more joy.

Talkin Bout Comics

This is funny and smart, and just clicks. So far every mini series in this title has been completely different, while delivering the same great payoffs of humor and characters and story.

One Metal.Com

“an overlooked and absolute gem of a book.”

The Nerdiest Kids

Great humor, awesome story, kick-ass action…what more could you want from a comic?

Comics to Heal the Soul

I trust in Clevinger and Wegener to steer us right. They haven’t let me down so far.

Fanboy Fun

Another great first salvo in another, assumably, great Atomic Robo story. I doubt I’m the first person to think this, but this series would make a great cartoon. It’s light-hearted, funny, great premise, with plenty of action and a nifty gateway to teaching kids about real world science. Win-win! GOOD STUFF!

You can also find a few Podcasts discussing Atomic Robo at Secret Identity and The Comic Podcast Network!

Robo was also honored by Weekly Crisis – Moment of the Week.

Comic Book Resources also named Robo as TWO of the Top Five Raddest Comics of 2009:

This is how rips are roared. In this issue, Atomic Robo teams up with Charles Fort in 1926 New York to do battle with H.P. Lovecraft, who has been taken over by a– well, a Lovecraftian monster. It teaches readers “that there’s one underlying scientific principle common to all existence. Everything explodes” as Robo literally turns it up to 11 and drives a car filled with lightning guns into what passes for the beast’s face. It also features cool hats, cool mustaches, the voice of Nikola Tesla, enough tossed-off details and ideas to choke Grant Morrison, and the keenest art ever keened. Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener triumph again. It’s the comic made just for me, and the other thousand maniacs just like me.

How rad is it? Radder than making love to a dinosaur that has chainsaws for teeth.

So what could be radder than Atomic Robo and Solomon Stone? More Atomic Robo, of course! According to Greg Burgas, this issue has 2.73 awesome things per page. But that’s not all! As I said in September, “this is a comic in which Dr. Atomic Robo Tesla teams up with Carl Sagan in 1971 Peru to capture a Lovecraftian elder beast from beyond the universe using the fifth cardinal direction, Zorth.” Not only that, but it also sets up the Council of Cross-Time Robos, and features lines like “Let’s do some science,” “Robo. I think I’m insane now,” and “Cold, hard fact will save this universe.” Clevinger has never written a better script, Wegener has never drawn a better comic, and I have never dreamed a more impossible dream– and yet, it came true, and here it is. Only in comics could such a thing exist! This isn’t just the raddest comic of the year, it’s the raddest comic of all time.

How rad is it? Radder than playing Europe’s Final Countdown on a keytar in space while the sun goes supernova and propels you backwards in time.

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