Ronda Pattison Nominated For Schuster Award!

We learned today that Atomic Robo and We Kill Monsters colorist Ronda Pattison has been nominated for the 2010 Joe Schuster Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards . Congrats Ronda! Here’s the full nomination:

Colourist/Dessinateur Couleur

* Ronda Pattison – Star Wars: The Clone Wars #4 (Cover), Star Wars: The Clone Wars FCBD 2009, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Wind Raiders of Taloraan, Star Wars: Purge – Seconds to Die, Unbound Saga (Dark Horse), Angel vs. Frankenstein (IDW), Killer of Demons #1-3 (Image Comics), Dark Reign: Mister Negative #1-3, Human Torch Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1 (Marvel Comics), Atomic Robo and Friends FCBD 2009, Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time #1-5, We Kill Monsters #1-5 (Red 5 Comics)

Visit the link above for the full press release and nomination list!

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