Dinosaurs Become Prey in Neozoic

In NEOZOIC, a debut title from publisher Red 5 Comics, there’s nothing special about an 80-foot-long brachiosaurus lumbering past a group of human travelers. It’s been going on for millions of years.

However, if those same humans hear the blood-thirty roars of a T-Rex, then it’s time to call the professional super-hunters of the Predator Defense League. Armed only with swords, arrows, warrior cunning, ruthless precision and a lifetime of training, these exceptionally skilled athletes keep the citizens of the walled city of Monanti from becoming a dinosaur’s breakfast.

NEOZOIC is the creation of Lucasfilm-veteran Paul Ens, writer of the fan-favorite “Star Wars: Evasive Action” series. Like most boys, at an early age Ens was inspired by dinosaurs. “And like most comic writers,” he adds, “my childhood influences never left me. Dinosaurs thrilled me first from the pages of science books, then in entertainment like Land of the Lost, Godzilla and Jurassic Park.”

neozoic_cover1front.jpgUnlike most dinosaur-themed fiction, where ill-prepared and unsuspecting modern-day humans are thrust together with pre-historic beasts through some contortion in time, NEOZOIC imagines an Earth where the dinosaurs escaped extinction altogether. As a result, the entire history of the human race unfolded side-by-side with the giant beasts, leading to a society greatly different than the one we know today.

While the kinetic pencils of J. Korim and the rich colors of Jessie Lam deliver on the promise of epic evenly-matched human / dino battles like never seen before, the complex heart of NEOZOIC is in its ensemble cast of characters.

“Just as the war with cylons is merely a backdrop for multi-textured drama in Battlestar Galactica,” Ens explains, “the epic struggles in NEOZOIC are human conflicts stemming from the different approaches to survival from such formidable natural predators.”

NEOZOIC is a bi-monthly comic series debuting October 2007 from Red 5 Comics. Be sure to contact your favorite comic shop and ask them to order your copy from the August issue of Diamond Previews catalog.

About Red 5 Comics
Red 5 Comics creates and produces cinematic-style comic book entertainment, with first issues debuting in October 2007. It was founded by Paul Ens, former director of Lucasfilm’s Lucas Online, and Scott Chitwood, co-founder of TheForce.net. Red 5 is proudly presented by ComingSoon.net and SuperHeroHype.com.

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7 Responses to “Dinosaurs Become Prey in Neozoic

  1. Mat Says:

    That cover looks awesome!…but, uh, she has 2 right hands.

  2. Robotpo Says:

    This sounds awesome! I’m also a huge dino-fan, so I’m definitely going to check this out when it debuts in October. Now if Randy Falco would just greenlit “Jurassic Park IV”…;)

  3. RR Duran Says:

    With no offense to the rest, Neozoic sounds the most interesting of the bunch. But that cover looks… strange. Two right hands?

  4. Rob Says:

    “Neozoic” looks great. It’s extremely hard to find something original in todays comic world. “Red 5 comics” is on the right track. I look forward to trying this one out.

  5. Gerren Says:

    This looks like it could be really entertaining. I used to love “Xenozoic Tales”. Seriously though, get someone to photoshop that cover…

  6. Kristine Says:

    Hey J!!! I was so excited to hear that you have this new comic coming out! So great to hear your sketching from high school has paid off and turned into a great career for you! Will you autograph my copy? lol

    Keep up the good work.

  7. "Carnosaur" Says:

    First off, if the dinosaurs had not become extinct at the end of the Mesozoic we humans would not be here. Why? Mainly because mammalian evolution would have still be supressed as it was throughout the Mesozoic. In short, history would be completely altered.

    And another thing! Some dinky little human with a sword (like the one portryed on the cover above) doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell against something like your local T.rex, Allosaurus or an enraged charging Tricertops.

    In short, if you want to survive — Ditch the swords! Get some real weapons, like elephant guns, high powered hunting rifles and so on. I actually find it insulting that the great beasts of the past can be felled by little dinky guys with swords!

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