The Lost Room Coming Soon to Red 5!

At the San Diego Comic Con last week, We Kill Monsters creators Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom announced that they’ll be continuing their critically acclaimed TV series The Lost Room with Red 5 Comics! ‘Roomies’ rejoice! (Are ‘Lost Room’ fans called ‘Roomies’? ‘Losties’? We’d better look into this!) Laura and Chris conducted several interviews to give some details on the upcoming project slated for a 2011 release. First up, Ain’t It Cool News:

The “Lost Room” miniseries was, I thought, up there with “Battlestar Galactica” as one of the best Sci-Fi Channel originals ever produced. I am amazed the channel never got around to greenlighting its own second season.

(It certainly didn’t lack for star power. “Lost Room” lead Peter Krause has lately been winning his timeslot on NBC’s “Parenthood,” which at midseason began beating fellow “Lost Room” star Juliana Margulies’ CBS smash “The Good Wife.”)

Comic Book Resources added some more details:

While Joe Miller’s story may have come to a conclusion by the end of the miniseries (with Miller himself becoming an Object), the ongoing saga of the room itself still has a ways to go – and the direction that Harkcom and Leone are taking with the series tells a story that isn’t really about a single person, but of an Object. “I think the most interesting part of it was actually to follow the journey of the key, not necessarily one character or another,” said Leone. “Our hope in doing it was always to create new protagonists who get the key and have new problems of their own who suddenly have this very important Object and are dealing with it. What we see in the ongoing comic book is at least a new protagonist in the next book and probably further protagonists, if we get farther down the road, who get the key.”

The second season will pick up a year after the events of the televised miniseries and follows the path of a hardened criminal who was framed for the one crime he didn’t commit and finds the mysterious key. However, just because there’s a new Motel Man doesn’t mean that old familiar faces won’t pop in. Making appearances will be drifter Wally Jabrowski, Howard “The Weasel” Montague, Object specialist Dr. Martin Ruber and perhaps even one incredibly familiar face. “We might even see Joe come back eventually, not as the protagonist, but as a part of this universe of ‘The Lost Room,’” said Leone. “But he’s vanished. When the story picks up, nobody knows what happens to him.”

“Now he’s an Object and people are actually calling him The Miller Object and he’s got a mythology building around him as an Object now,” continued Harkcom.

ScreenRant.Com adds even more:

With your announcement of The Lost Room: Season 2 comic book with Red 5, are we going to see what would have happened if The Lost Room had been picked up as a television series on Sci-Fi (now SyFy)?

Christopher: Yeah, we published a comic book with them called “We Kill Monsters” and had a good time with them. They brought up [creating a comic based on The Lost Room] to us – we had sort of talked about it a long time ago, but [Red 5] brought it back up to us and Lionsgate was game and gave us the license.

Laura: We’re starting with a new protagonist.

Christopher: And picking up about a year later.

Laura: Several of the characters that were established in the show (Wally, Weasel ..etc) will come back. Maybe not necessarily in the very first issue, but in the life of the comic – we have stories for all of them planned.

Christopher: I think that we can say Weasel comes back early in a really different way that I think is cool. That’s the cool thing – these characters still populate the universe and they can pop up.

Laura: Even Joe, who’s not the protagonist anymore – we talk about where he is and what’s going on with him.

Visit the links above for more! And check back soon for more details on The Lost Room.

11 Responses to “The Lost Room Coming Soon to Red 5!”

  1. Chucklbunny Says:

    Thank the stars there is more Lost Room coming !! finally we can get more of our beloved series !!!! Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom & Paul Workman have made pure platinum and why the Sigh-Fie channel did not make a season 2 is beyond foolish !!

    Bring it on Red 5 !! we collectors cannot wait !!

    Chuckles :-)

  2. Spikosauropod Says:

    Lost Room fans are called “COLLECTORS”.

  3. Spikosauropod Says:

    FANS of The Lost Room are called “Collectors”.

  4. Tyler Says:

    A Lost Room comic, you say? I’ll have keep an eye out for this one.

  5. To all Roomies: ‘The Lost Room’ returns! | Says:

    [...] Red 5 Comics: “The Lost Room” coming soon to Red 5! Wikipedia: The Lost Room [...]

  6. leon Says:

    I cant wait… I would love to see this made into another Tv series.

  7. Marc Says:

    I am waiting for an update as to when I can expect to see the premier issue at my local comic shop.

    Thanks Red 5!

  8. Lucid Says:

    I really hope this happens. Lost Room was an awesome mini. A comic would be the next best thing.

    So when can we expect this? Soon I hope.

  9. Zartopian Says:

    Has a date been specified yet for the comic release. I am so excited about this!

  10. Josh Says:

    I’m curious about this as well. Will it come into print or will you jump right into digital? Eagerly awaiting word on this.

  11. Zartopian Says:

    Well it’s been 14 months since this articles was posted, and there is no word on what is going on with the series. I figure give them more time, the series was great and deserves it.

    In the meantime here are some sites that will continue to add gas to the fire that is “The Lost Room”
    and here is a complete list of the objects form the lost room

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