Red 5 Launches Digital-First Comics Line

Red 5 Comics, publishers of popular and critically-acclaimed comics and graphic novels like Eisner Award-nominated Atomic Robo, announced today the addition of a separate line of comic titles that will debut on digital platforms looking to build an audience and acclaim before making a leap to print editions.

“A monthly comic is like the theatrical release of a film,” said Red 5 Comics co-founder Paul Ens, “where initial promotion and opening-weekend consumers make a name for the title. The trade paperback is like a DVD release, packaged in the form that will last the longest and where it will eventually find its widest audience.”

“What comics have been missing is the idea of a festival circuit,” Ens continued. “A place where readers looking for new and different material can sample projects from fresh talent or featuring different kinds of stories. Like a festival, the best will build a buzz and following that can launch deserving projects to a print release with a built-in demand and retailer confidence. Without shelf-space, order-minimums or inventory concerns, today’s new digital-comic storefronts can effectively fill that role of festival host.”

At the same time, the Red 5 logo on a digital cover means that the comic within lives up to the young company’s reputation for only select high-quality titles with a high dosage of fun. Fans of “Atomic Robo”, “Neozoic”, “Abyss” and “We Kill Monsters” will know exactly what to expect… a reading experience that packs entertainment into every page.

The initial digital-first title from Red 5 is “Bonnie Lass: The Legend” from creators Michael Mayne and Tyler Fluharty. This highly-charged whimsical title spins the yarn of the brash daughter of a famous pirate, looking to make her own unique dent in the swashbuckling world.

“Bonnie Lass” debuts on the comixology ( — iOS, web and Android) and iVerse ( – iOS, PSP) digital platforms on December 22. Issue #1 is a plus-sized 34 pages long for just $1.99.

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