Fun With Atomic Robo!

Fans of Atomic Robo continue to show their creative talent along with their excellent taste in comics!

Adam Warrock has created an Atomic Robo song dedicated to the world’s coolest robot with pants. Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

Dr. Dinosaur, I’m still on a science kick,
Just like Five Fists, when I spit about Tesla and Edison’s rift
I’d rather leave that to Scott and Brian’s hands and wrists

Cuz science makes the world go round
Atoms to a molecule, and molecules into a compound
And robots are here to change life around
And Red 5 comics, is the place it goes down

Check out the link above to listen to it. It has a great beat and you can dance to it.

Featherweight Cosplay has made yet another amazing Robo creation. First it was the Atomic Robo costume, now it’s a bust! Check it out at the link along with a video showing how it was created.

Ever wondered what an Atomic Robo birthday cake would look like? Wonder no more! Brimstonekitten had one made by her boyfriend which you can see here! We think he’s a keeper…both the boyfriend and Robo.

Invincible artist Ryan Ottley also recently did an Atomic Robo cover sketch which you can see here!

Finally, New Jersey showed it was a place with incredible taste in comic books when MyCentralJersey.Com recommended Robo to its readers:

In an age when big-time publishers such as Marvel and DC are becoming almost cripplingly myopic with their properties, more and more publishers such as Red 5 are cropping up, offering characteristically mainstream genre-driven fare with a spirit of originality and an enthusiasm that seem to frequently elude the larger publishers.

Take “Atomic Robo,” the comic which introduced me to Red 5. It details the adventures of an intelligent robot built by Nikola Tesla, through different eras of the 20th century … a concept straight out of the Golden Age, but told with modern style and sensibility. It’s the sort of entertainment which manages to be light-hearted without becoming shallow or dull, exactly the sort of stuff that fed my love for comics in the first place.

Visit think link for more Robo-livin’ goodness.

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