Update on The Lost Room

We’ve been getting a lot of e-mails lately from Collectors asking what’s up with The Lost Room comic, so here’s the scoop. We just got the first draft of Issue #1 of the series this week. The story is by Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom, and Paul Workman. The comic script is written by Christopher Leone. We have read it and it is cool…very cool! Readers that have never heard of the TV series are going to find this very accessible and they’ll be drawn into the story very quickly. (They’ll also have the added bonus of finding out the story goes beyond the comic! Lucky them!) Fans of the TV series should also be very happy. You’ll be seeing familiar Objects from the show as well as a few new ones with mind-blowing powers. You’ll be seeing some characters from the show, too.

We are in the process of selecting an artist now. We are going through all the artist submissions to the site and are narrowing it down to a few artists whose style matches the story. We have to approach them and sign them on. Once that is done, they’ll start work. The release date will depend on how the artist’s work is progressing. If all goes well, you’ll probably see it on shelves in Late Summer or Fall 2011.

Thanks for your support on this series and we’ll be sure to give you periodic updates and sneak previews as work progresses. You won’t be disappointed!

26 Responses to “Update on The Lost Room

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  2. Cattrina Says:

    This is great news indeed, us Collectors, we can not wait!

  3. Tom Says:

    Thanks for this news !! I’m very happy the serie continue in comics ^^
    Good luck for the continuation !

    A french fan

  4. Spikosauropod Says:

    Glory to the objects!

    May their light shine upon collectors everywhere!

  5. R. Caldarone Says:

    Very Cool — I’ve been waiting for this since ‘06

  6. Chucklbunny Says:

    Oh excellent news !! it’s a magnificent thing that Red 5 comics is doing !! Bringing more Lost Room to the world !! I CANNOT wait for the comic to come out !! I can speak for us Collectors out there when I say we must have more Lost Room !! We NEED more Lost Room !!!

    Glory to the Objects !! All Hail Christopher Leone ! All Hail Laura Harkcom !! All Hail Paul Workman !!


  7. Tonia Says:

    I recently picked up the DVD of the series again, even though I had forgot I watched the orginal when it first came out. Even my husband walked by and said, “You’ve seen this before, your watching it again?” Weird, since the only time he’d seen me watching the series was during the orginal broadcast, and he NEVER remembers my shows! LOL

    I was thrilled to go online to find an amazing community of collectors and the fantastic news that Red 5 Comics will be continuing the story. Please give us updates as often as you can, because I’m truly looking forward to purchasing my first issue!

  8. Spikosauropod Says:

    In less than one year’s time the second testament of The Objects will be among us!

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    [...] mini-series comic that was announced a while ago, and you can read what’s happening with it right here. In short, creators of the show Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom, along with Paul Workman have [...]

  10. flek Says:

    I really like the uniqueness of this story.
    Nothing this intriguing since the Twilight Zone.

  11. Objective Says:

    The only reason I’m about comics, and therefor about Red 5, is The Lost Room. Thank you!!!

  12. DAHstra Says:

    Is it closer to being released? Can we preorder through here?

  13. Zinc Says:

    The waiting is killing me (lol). Hoping to hear more news on the Lost Room comic & release date! Don’t make me beg here :)

  14. Eric Says:

    Thank you for working on this and continuing the story. Looking forward to reading it :)

  15. Moe Says:

    WOW!! You just made my DAY! I love the Lost Room and was so hopping to see more when it was canceled. I can’t wait to buy the first comic. I hope you guys just start at Season 2 were they left off. AWESOME!!

  16. Zartopian Says:

    Has there been any word on a release date?. I would love to see a couple of teaser pages.

  17. Lost Room Lover Says:

    Anything would be great. I keep checking here to find out more.

  18. Moe Says:

    Just watched the whole thing and it just gets better and better. Must be my third time watching it. Can’t believe they canceled this most amazing show. Now I really want to get the comics to see what happen next!!

  19. MetalBlade Says:

    This is splendid news.
    Been a huge fan of this show since it first aired.
    Been dying to hear news of a second season, as there are still many unanswered questions, and still so much scope to work with.
    A comic book season is great news to me.

    They should also consider making a movie.
    This show is so interesting, and intriguiging and mysterious, such a shame to just leave it at six episodes.

  20. Johnny Says:

    It’s September 2011.

    Summer has past and autumn is here.
    You left us in the dark for 8 months now.

    Can we please get an update on this? Maybe a sneak peak, picture of the cover or anything that could be considered proof that this comic is going to happen?

    Sorry for sounding rude and demanding. But we really want this to happen!

    At the moment I feel like you gave me a icecream and then smacked the icecream, that I was just about to eat, from my hand onto the ground. I was looking forward to eat that. Now I can’t! Look the ants are already starting to eat it. Do you know how much suger there is in icecream? Those ants are going to be fat. All those fat ants will be the laughing stock of all them need to go on a diet. And it will be all your fault. But you don’t care.

    Because you are a bully… Well I hope you are happy.

  21. Micky Says:

    I watched all the episodes in a row a few days ago. I loved it a lot and I could not stop thinking about it soooo I ended up looking for new episodes, books or any kind of follow up on the story… I’m not too happy to find out that the TV show was pretty much it so this forum is to closest I can get to a continuation. (I’d be most grateful if anyone proves me wrong.)

    I’m still puzzled that other series – with unquestionably dumber stories behind – are getting multiple seasons of 20+ episodes however The Lost Room could only make it til 6? This story just cries for sequels!

    I guess there is very little chance for new episodes on the screen so I am willing to settle with the comic. :)
    This is the point where I’d like to join the comment above – any news?

  22. LumCheng Says:

    So, I’ve been waiting more or less impatiently for fall to come… but still there’s no news of TLR’s comic adaption…

    Could you please give us an update?
    I was so looking forward to this and it’d be such a shame, if this won’t happen now afterall :(

  23. John Says:

    The authors appear to be working on another TV series right now. That probably explains why there has been no word of progress on The Lost Room:


  24. Cattrina Says:

    That´s not it John XD

    The Lost Room family has grown by one person, which has affected on the production.

  25. Cattrina Says:

    Chris twitted couple of weeks ago:

    “Just finished shooting a big webseries project, but I’m getting back into the comic this week…”

  26. Nathaniel wingert Says:

    Any news on when the comics will be published? The last post was dated over a year ago and I’m still excited about finding out more about the lost room.

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