Announcing Red 5 Comics

Here’s the first official public announcement press release…

Web Veterans Launch Red 5 Comics

Cinematic-style comic book entertainment to be offered by creative forces behind and

LogoCALGARY, AB — February 12, 2007 — The creators of some of the internet’s most popular entertainment websites announced today they are launching a new comic publishing company that will introduce its first titles this fall.

Red 5 Comics is the creation of Paul Ens, former director of Lucasfilm’s and Lucas Online, and Scott Chitwood, co-founder of and contributor to and

True to the passions of its founders, Red 5 Comics will produce cinematic-style stories that appeal to the same avid movie and comic fans who already frequent their websites. The Red 5 line-up will be a combination of creator-owned and internally developed titles. Individual comic issues will be sold in both traditional print form at comic shops and in downloadable electronic formats online.

“Over the years, we’ve had the great pleasure to cross paths, both online and in-person, with many talented and creative people,” said Ens, “from artists, to writers, to filmmakers and actors, and countless enthusiastic fans. Not only have they been a great inspiration, but we plan to include many of them in Red 5 as well.”

Among the titles currently in development are…

  • Abyss – Kevin Rubio’s short-film, TROOPS, was one of the first true video events on the internet. His latest creation, Abyss, tells the comedic and dysfunctional tale of the relationship between a son and his powerful supervillain father. Lucas Marangon is drawing the series, re-uniting the popular creative team behind the wildly imaginative Star Wars: Tag and Bink comic series.
  • Atomic Robo – Brian Clevinger ( 8-Bit Theater) and Scott Wegener (Negative Burn, Wicked West 2) chronicle the Action Science adventures of Nikola Tesla’s robot across the twentieth century and beyond.
  • Midknight – Tom Hodges (”How to Draw Star Wars”,’s “Artists to Watch” 2006) creates and illustrates the exploits of a husband-and-wife team who fight crime from the office by day and on the streets of Philadelphia at night.
  • Neozoic – Created by Paul Ens (Star Wars: Evasive Action), Neozoic imagines a gritty sci-fi / fantasy world where dinosaurs did not become extinct, and humanity lives under the constant threat of giant predators. The art of J. Korim (Rotogin: Junkbotz) brings the world to life.
  • Afterburn – When half the planet is destroyed by a solar flare, out of the ashes emerge the action adventures of Jake and his treasure-hunters for hire. Afterburn is written by Scott Chitwood and Paul Ens, drawn by Wayne Nichols (Lady Supreme: Supreme Sacrifice), with covers by “Rock Star of Illustration” Matt Busch.

Red 5 Comics is proud to be presented by and, two of the best-respected and most-visited fan-based movie websites on the planet.

To find out more, read the creators’ blogs, sign-up for the newsletter, check out the latest comic industry headlines, or apply to become a creator, visit Red 5 Comics online at

About Red 5 Comics Ltd.
Founded by Paul Ens and Scott Chitwood, Red 5 Comics Ltd. is the creator and publisher of entertainment comic books. Its family of titles are expected to debut in the fall of 2007 in comic book stores and online.

You’ve obviously found your way here! Join us on the Red 5 adventure by staying tuned to our blog, rss feed and signing up for our newsletter.

15 Responses to “Announcing Red 5 Comics”

  1. 7thCrow Says:

    Congratulation guys! Can’t wait to see the results! Hopefully there will be more comics these days with great storytelling and breakthrough arts [not just eye candy, but really take our eyes to another perspective] and even more interactive ones online. Enough with crossover, animated version or film/classic franchise :) Wish you all the best!

  2. Mensajero Says:

    Good luck. I want to see some good work.

  3. RokieTheJawa Says:

    Great for you guys. I can’t wait to see the Kevin and Lucas’s webstrip, I’m a fan of Lucas Marangon, I hope he remembers his friends in Mexico, from Ka-Boom! Studio. This pair of artist have done really great jobs with Tag and Bink. I’ll hope this story be the kind of humor that both, Kevin and Lucas, have had on the others.

  4. Leto Says:

    ATOMIC ROBO! Brian Clevinger, writer of my favorite book and creator of one of my favorite web-comics, is now making a comic book! Yes, Glory hallelujah! Yee haw!

  5. Anduin2000 Says:

    It’s great to finally see some new comic lines come out. Marvel and DC have been regurgitating the same super heroes FOREVER. Move over Spiderman and Batman…time for some new blood :)

  6. Joe Corroney Says:

    Congrats, Paul and Scott! Everything sounds really exciting!

  7. Scott Wegener » Blog Archive » Atomic Robo & Red 5 Comics Says:

    [...] out the official press release and bookmark their [...]

  8. Brian Says:

    “Atomic Robo” and “Midnight” are two books I’ve been looking forward to seeing for quite some time. Thanks Paul and Scott.

  9. Josh Radke Says:

    Congrats on the new venture guys! I look forward to following your success!

  10. oa127 Says:

    Sweet diggity! Star Wars and 8-bit Theatre fans unite! I guess 2007 really is theyear for the Lucky Golden Pig [Chinese New Year for those behind on recent events].

  11. Sweiit Concorkill Says:

    Midknight! Finally! Congrats, Hodges.

  12. Scotty Barrett Says:

    Congrats and good luck. Starting your own company is a wonderful thing to do. I look forward to seeing what comes out of Red 5

  13. Walt Robillard Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you guys tear it up! Congratulations and good luck!

  14. G. Gerald Garcia Says:

    Good to have you up and running!

    I’m just wondering if you’ll be promoting in your own hometown? the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo will be on April 29th. Ray Park will be one of the guests.

    Calgary’s comic creators can be found at
    I believe you may have been there already. If there is anything we can do to h
    help you out, let us know.



  15. Scott Wegener » Blog Archive » Bonus Blog Says:

    [...] marked the One Year Anniversary of Red5 Comics opening its doors to the public. With Atomic Robo ranking in the Top 300 list, a strong and growing [...]

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