“Foster Broussard” Brings Gold Rush Fever

This May, the Red 5 Comics tradition of high-concept high-fun and high-adventure tales continues with FOSTER BROUSSARD: DEMONS OF THE GOLD RUSH, an all-new five-issue limited series. The title will be previewed a few weeks earlier to a huge audience alongside ATOMIC ROBO as a feature in his Free Comic Book Day 2011 issue on May 7, the most-ordered single issue in Red 5’s history.

In 1849, suave British con-man Foster Broussard escapes a death penalty at home with the promise of fortune from the burgeoning San Francisco gold rush. His intricate multi-layer grift quickly spins out of control as he runs up against a ruthless American Industrialist. Their combined greed threatens to waken powers held in check for generations by a Native American tribe.

Inspired by multi-power team-up books like “X-Men” and sweeping supernatural adventures like “Pirates of the Caribbean”, series creator Trevor Pryce found 19th century California to be the perfect setting for FOSTER.

“I liked the thought of a place where there was no law,” Pryce said. “People were arriving by the boatloads from around the world. The language barrier made it impossible to write a cohesive set of laws. So instead, law was brandished in the streets. Natives already there were ignored or appeased. The resulting mix of people, experiences, and lawlessness made for a unique time and place in history.”

Providing dynamic artwork for the project is two-time Will Eisner scholarship winner, Dan Glasl. The period tone is set with colors by Adam Guzowski, veteran of titles like “Proof” and “A Dummy’s Guide to Danger”. Nick Schley (“Abiding Perdition”, “Worlds of Dungeons and Dragons” and “Farscape: Gone and Back”) joins with fluid inks starting on the second issue. Lettering comes from the talented and prolific Troy Peteri (“Witchblade”, “Spider- man”, “The Incredibles” and many more).

An interesting side-note, while series creator Trevor Pryce is earning a reputation as an innovative storyteller with television and motion picture deals, he is best known for his four-time Pro Bowl, two-time Super Bowl championship career as a tight end for the NFL’s Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, and New York Jets.

“For a big, brutal man who works a violent day job, he has a real family sensibility,” ABC TV producer Mike Fleiss recently told the New York Times of Pryce. “He likes those fantastical ideas that inspire the imagination.”

As Red 5 Comics is an independent publisher, the only way to ensure your copy of FOSTER BROUSSARD: DEMONS OF THE GOLD RUSH #1 is to pre-order from your local comic shop during the month of March using Diamond order code MAR111238.

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