Atomic Robo Volume 6 Reviews Are In!

Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X #1 hit comic shops around the world a couple of weeks ago and the reviews are now in…and they’re spectacular! Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourself!

Robo Volume 6 #1

Geek Syndicate

Brian Clevinger is one of this generations great comic writers.

Comic Book Resources

At this point in their collaboration, Clev and Weg innately tune into each other’s wavelength– their best work comes when they work together, like synchronized swimmers or conjoined twins. Pattison and Powell are their back-up dancers, having mastered their subtle, overlooked art, complementing those on center stage.
The Atomic Robo series does for science what Indiana Jones did for archaeology– it turns the academic into the adventurous, and the impossible into the inspiring. Put this comic into the hands of your smart, bored children, and our space program won’t stay dead for long. And maybe we’ll get some robots and jet packs out of the deal, too, like the future we were promised.

Daily Blam

Wegener never stops improving upon the art in Robo. Each issue and each volume looks better than the last, and it didn’t start off looking bad, either. Atomic Robo is a high quality book, and each issue is worth every penny. Robo fans, don’t miss this issue, and if you’ve been holding off on getting this title, this is a perfect place for you to start.

Geeks of Doom

I’ve said it before, but Atomic Robo is a great series that everyone should be reading. I always get a lot of enjoyment out of each issue, and that’s all I ask for from a comic. There is action, humor, and some great art to pull all the elements together. Each series is as good a place as any to jump on, so if you’re looking to start, this issue will serve you well. As a score, I’m giving this one a 5 out of five. Seek this issue out and buy it. You won’t be disappointed.

Comics Bulletin

In keeping with Clevinger’s voice, Wegener and colorist Ronda Pattison have this book looking like the polished animated series that Atomic Robo never had (…yet).

Multiversity Comics

In a world where #1s, relaunches and reboots await us at every given month, there is a rather large question that any given comic fan has to ask him or herself: “Ok, sure, I could get into this long-running epic modern mythology of men and women with outrageous abilities, but isn’t there something else? Something much more user friendly?”
Yes. Yes, there is. It’s called Atomic Robo.

The Butcher Shop

Seriously, Atomic Robo lives up to the billing as “The World’s Greatest Science Adventure Magazine!”
If you like comics, trust me, you’ll love Atomic Robo.

Major Spoilers

With each volume Scott Wegener’s art style improves more and more. This issue is the best to date, as the artist fills each panel with details. And you really want to pay attention to the little details as sight gags and references to other sci-fi properties continually appear in the background. This issue features the previously mentioned iPad, the armored bunny robot from Sucker Punch, the Wardenclyffe Tower (which really needs to be the focus of an upcoming arc), Worhol paintings, and a phone booth in the frozen wastes of Norway. Once you read the issue, you’ll want to go back and reread everything again and again to catch all the little details that Wegener adds to the world of Atomic Robo.
I’ve been reviewing and praising Atomic Robo since its debut in 2007. I know I sound like a broken record every time a new issue comes out, but this is the BEST book out there – nothing compares to the adventures, the hijinks, fringe science, and humor that goes into the writing and art.

Stumptown Trade

Atomic Robo is a breath of fresh air. It is wild, entertaining, and different than anything else in the market. Instead of taking the opportunity to try a “new” DC comic, true fans of comics should take this opportunity to try Atomic Robo. They won’t be disappointed! Next time I go back to the comic shop, not only am I asking my retailer to put Atomic Robo on my pull list, but I am seeking out the volumes I am missing!

Comic Book Resources

Ah, Atomic Robo. How can I stay mad at mainstream superhero comics when I know that stuff like Atomic Robo exists?

Funranium Labs

I adore Atomic Robo for more or less the same reasons I loved the cartoons Animaniacs and Invader Zim. For one, they’re funny and they’re funny on multiple levels, which makes them appealing to both kids and adults. Second, they are smart. There’s a lot more than just funny and Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius, grade explosions. If you aren’t careful, you’ll accidental learn things. And third, the detail in both words and art. Brian & Scott have managed to hide an awful lot of things that give the world of Atomic Robo depth and character. I can see where Scott went off the deep end and spent hours researching engineering awards from the height of the Jet Age, just to make a logo look right for the era. They’re crazy, but it’s crazy I appreciate.

The Flickcast

Atomic Robo is back! One of the best books on the stands returns for its sixth volume, and if the story, art, and adventure is still this good the sixth time out, then I want Atomic Robo to continue for 60 volumes!

Comic Buzz

Atomic Robo is the kind of comic that reminds me what the genre is capable of and why I love it. Seeing a mad little concept and how the creators run with it and make it seem as natural and fluid while you read the “funny book” in your hand. It just makes you glad that comics are still one of the few outlets that one can create works like this. It takes a damn good comic to make me feel both guilty and silly for not being aware of its existence. Atomic Robo is one of them and now I have to get up to speed on the previous volumes. And speed is of the essence as Atomic Robo has gotten off to a flying start with this story.

Thanks for all the kind words! You are all readers of fine taste and class, and I’m sure you dress well, too. But the Robo fun doesn’t stop there. You can also find interviews with Brian Clevinger at Comics Bulletin and The Outhousers. Be sure to check them out!

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