Update on The Lost Room Comic

Well, it has been almost a year since we had our last update on the comic for The Lost Room and we know you Collectors are anxious for some news. Since starting work on the scripts, Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom, and Paul Workman have been pulled away from the comic due to other things taking justifiably higher priority, both profesionally and personally. So progress on the scripts has slowed. The script for Issue #1 is completed and the rest of the series is plotted out, but work on the remaining scripts has been slow. But it hasn’t stopped! Christopher, Laura, Paul are working on it, but sporadically, at the mercy of other commitments. And Red 5 Comics is still 100% committed to completing this comic. Please keep checking back on the site and on Twitter for updates and we’ll let you know as soon as progress has been made. We thank all you Collectors for your patience!

17 Responses to “Update on The Lost Room Comic”

  1. Chucklbunny Says:

    Awesome news !! waiting here with baited breath !! I need more LR so bad !!!

    Glory to The Objects !!!

  2. Cattrina Says:

    Oh my the anticipation!

  3. Spikosauropod Says:


    We had almost lost hope. Any news is good news!

  4. LumCheng Says:

    Ah, thanks for the news.
    So there’s still hope. Can’t wait for further progress!

  5. paulv70 Says:

    Can’t wait for more Lost Room!

  6. Steven Says:

    Wooo! I was starting to think I was the only one who was still looking forward to this!

  7. lacoupe_1 Says:

    Finally!!!! This is really good to hear. I do not suppose that Christopher Leone, Laura Harkcom, and Paul Workman have been working on a LR script for TV :) …..anyway thanks for the update please keep us informed we are all waiting!

  8. neostriker Says:

    Just saw one more time all the episodes in a row, and after researching a bit in the web i find out there’s gonna be a comic! Great news, but can we get any update on it please? 3 months since last news, hope it gets published this year

  9. The weasel Says:

    This series had so much potential and still does. Object combinations could give a writer seasons upon seasons of material. Not to mention new “events” yielding new objects and or old objects getting new properties.

    An Objects movie would be a killer

  10. Or Shimonov Says:

    Just letting you guys know people are still interested in this… Please, please, put it out already! :)

  11. Fitzcarraldo Says:

    I’ve actually slept in room 9 at the Sunset Motel in Gallup; who can top that? Anyone who’s interested feel free to check out my story about it at the following webpage.


  12. robert Says:


  13. Ryan Says:

    I Hate waiting! Any more updates for us? I would love to have a new ETA.

  14. jason Says:

    This should so have been done by now and picked up as a full series in a prime time slot on a good channel. (Much better than some programs that are on now !!)

  15. Tsavo Says:

    So we’re now three months in 2013, and have had absolutely no word or updates that I’m aware of in regards to this comic. I, like many others, have a deep love for this series, and have been waiting with baited breath for news about the continuation. Frankly, for us fans, it’s getting a bit frustrating. Is there any news at all? Or has another project we’ve been hoping for died a terrible death?

  16. Fredrik Says:

    If the project is killed off, just let us know. At least then we can stop looking forward to something that isn´t going to happen! It´s rude to us as fans to just keep us hanging. It´s been well over a year since the last report. Just give us a heads up on the status please.

  17. Paul Says:

    See our most recent update at http://www.red5comics.com/?p=982

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