Kickstart Animated Atomic Robo and Dr. Dinosaur!

You may remember that The Fictory was in the process of creating an animated Atomic Robo short entitled Last Stop. In order to make one last push to complete production on the short, The Fictory enlisted the help of the fans themselves via Kickstarter. They asked for $12,000 to complete the film.

Atomic Robo fans blew through that goal in about 12 hours. And in the days since, it has now reached a whopping $50,000!

The Fictory is offering all sorts of cool items to Atomic Robo fans who donate. They include pins, shirts, DVD’s, original Robo art, chances to become Action Scientists in the comics, and more! And since they surpassed their original goal, they’re now looking to make a Dr. Dinosaur short as well!


Click on the link above to view the trailer for Atomic Robo: Last Stop, information on the Kickstarter project, and more!

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