She-Buccaneer Sails Again… The Digital Seas

“The Voyages of She-Buccaneer” was an indie-comic sensation during its debut run in 2008, with rave reviews and a regular spot in the monthly top 300 comic sales charts. Created by Will Hughes, there was much more to the strong heroine than her well-endowed pirate physique might betray.

Starting today, She-Buccaneer returns with digital-pioneer publisher Red 5 Comics to take on the realm of digital comics on the Comixology and iVerse platforms. Her complete adventures to date are available as individual issues or collected for the first time in a single volume.

Red5_SB1_cover800To celebrate her return, The Adventures of She-Buccaneer #1 is available free-of-charge for a limited time for viewing on the web, iOS or Android devices.

With the galaxy far, far away history of Red 5 Comics, Hughes first came to their attention with his work on “Star Wars: Droids” comics and the Star Wars Essential Guide series. When Hughes began plans to expand the She-Buccaneer legend with all new adventures, a partnership with Red 5 was a natural fit.

“When a reader downloads a Red 5 comic,” said Red 5 co-founder Paul Ens, “they expect action, adventure, humor and fun. The Voyages of She-Buccaneer delivers on all of those notes.”

The voyages begin with the death of her one true love, Captain Calico Jack Rackham. In the depths of despair, she is lured into the tombs of Eden and offered a deal with the devil for the release of Jack’s soul. But before she can become a legend, she must battle the cannibal giants of Atlantis, the dragons of the Eastern Sea and escape sacrifice upon the steps of ancient Aztec temples.

To begin with The Adventures of She-Bunnaneer, launch the Comixology or Comics+ app on your iOS or Android device, or visit

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