Digital-First Comic Tries to Unlock the Mind’s Final SEVEN PERCENT

February 27, 2013. Calgary, AB — In 3499 A.D., Earth has been abandoned. The human mind has been unlocked. Science has pushed the mind to its limits, but has been unable to go beyond 93% activation. What secrets lie within the final SEVEN PERCENT?

Back in 2010, Red 5 Comics pressed its role as a digital comic pioneer, becoming the first publisher to debut a modern platform “digital first” line of comics. Following popular crossover titles in the line like “Bonnie Lass” and “Moon Girl”, comes the latest fun, thought-provoking, beautifully-produced series — “Seven Percent”.

“Despite its influence on our company origins, we haven’t done any pure space-faring sci-fi,” said Red 5 Comics co-founder, Paul Ens. “With ‘Seven Percent’, we finally found a unique take on the genre that we think independent comic fans will love. It’s smart, with a great premise and stunning art.”

The six-issue limited series is created by Luke Keith, written by Jeremy Fiest, and illustrated by Jarreau Wimberly… each of whom could be described as prolithic newcomers, with a backlog of impressive work soon to burst on the scene.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of human potential, especially of the mind,” said series creator Luke Keith, “Modern science, with all it’s advances, is still nowhere close to understanding the dynamic labyrinth that is the human brain. What if in the distant future science found a way to unlock and control it? Who would take advantage of that power? What kind of universe would it be if our minds were no longer our own? What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to be human? This is what our story is about.”

Seven Percent #1 debuts today on the both the comiXology and iVerse comicsplus digital platforms for just $1.99.

This weekend, Red 5 helps make more history by partnering with comiXology and Emerald City Comicon to bring the first ever digital comic convention exclusive — “Atomic Robo: Along Came a Tyrantula”.


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