Early Reviews: Abyss, Atomic Robo, Neozoic

Normally a comic is reviewed just a few weeks before it is released, but with Red 5’s initial offering making its Diamond Previews debut this month and retailers and customers alike unfamiliar with our work, we decided to send out some copies early.

The comics speak for themselves, but since you don’t have your copies yet… here’s what others have to say…

Atomic Robo #1
    Atomic Robo #1 cover

  • Newsarama Best Shots
    “Wow… I really liked this book. It was pure fun, something often lacking in comics today. It’s filled with action, adventure, and snappy dialog. Who doesn’t love a smart-ass robot! Stan Lee would love this book!”
  • Silver Bullet Comics
    “Beautiful retro design that recalls the Art Deco era, characters that make you laugh, and story from page one. This is slam-bam jet fueled afterburner fun from the get-go.”
  • Silver Bullet Comicbooks (the other one)
    “The dialogue is sharpest in this, with lines that frequently made me grin, and more than once laugh out loud. The art is somewhat reminiscent of Hellboy, but with a cleaner look and sharper lines. It’s definitely professional and damn pretty to look at.”
  • Comics and…
    “Crisp story telling and a good handle on some humorous dialogue.”
  • Comic World News
    “Make sure you look for this one! Grade A”
  • Poptown!
    “While the first issue is very action packed, the outline for future issue promises the sort of pulp-style historical/sci-fi adventure that I really dig.”
  • Gail Simone (writer Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey)
    “I just wanted to say this looks EXCELLENT. I’m definitely buying this. This is your first book together and it looks this good? Nicely done, mister! Hope it’s a big success. I love the understatement, and the art’s gorgeous”
  • Rack Raids
    “Brian Clevenger’s script is imaginative and fun, the dialog is witty… Overall the book is just robot-stomping-on-Nazis action, what’s not to enjoy?”
  • The Comic Fanatic
    “The dialogue is snappy and tight and the story moves at a fantastic breakneck page-turning pace. This is one you won’t be able to put down.”

Abyss #1
    Abyss #1 cover

  • Silver Bullet Comicbooks
    “I’ll just come right out and say it; this book was a really good read. The artwork by Marangon is top notch. Many upstart publishers are shying away from the capes stuff nowadays, and I like the stones it took for Red 5 to put this book out. With a couple more titles like this under its belt, this publisher just might be going places.”
  • Silver Bullet Comics (no, the other one)
    “What I got was a smart, funny riff on Super Villains and the complicated family lives they must lead. By no means is this a Watchmen style deconstruction of the genre. Instead, the creators Kevin Rubio and Lucas Marangon have delivered a rousing and fun take that moves swiftly into complication.”
  • Poptown!
    “Abyss delivered on these expectations. It features some of the same humor and tips of the hat that Tag & Bink featured; but toned down enough to make for an engaging story of super-villainy and the choices that Eric Hoffman has to make – does he become the hero or the villain?”
  • Silver Bullet Comicbooks (same one, different review)
    “This comic has a lot going for it: a great cover, great interior artwork, an intelligent premise and a good deal of humorous dialogue. If crafted with great care throughout the next three issues, Rubio can hit one out of the park with this story.”
  • Newsarama Best Shots
    “Kevin Rubio lampoons his way through a story that had me clamoring for more as soon as I finished it.”
  • Rack Raids
    “If you’re finding your pull list a bit top-heavy with grit and grimness lately, Abyss might be just the change of pace you’re looking for.”
  • The Comic Fanatic
    “Witty repartee, tight dialogue, sweet art and pop culture references galore… These days, it’s hard to offer up something new and fresh when it comes to the capes and tights set, but Rubio and Marangon do it with ease! Miss this one at your own peril!”

Neozoic #1

  • Comics and…
    “This book hits the mark; it does what comics do better then anyone else. It tells a fantastic adventure in a fantastic setting and tells it well. Of course I was sold with just the cover, a dinosaur, a beautiful woman and a big sword; this replaces whiskers on kittens and raindrops on roses as some of my favorite things.”
  • Poptown!
    “The book has some beautiful art and is perfect for the look of the book and the story moves at a fast pace.”
  • Silver Bullet Comicbooks
    “As I am noticing with Red 5 books, the pacing is smooth with a good mix of dialogue and action… The action sequences were the standout part of the issue, which of course is another tip of the hat to the art team.”
  • Prehistoric Pulp
    “If you get a kick out of watching a hot chick take down a T. rex with nothing more than a sword and a gauntlet that shoots acid — à la Buffy the Vampire Slayer with dinosaurs — this title is for you.”
  • The Comic Fanatic
    “This one was one of the best sci-fi/fantasy comic books I have read in ages… This debut issue is a great example of what the first issue of a new comic book series should be.”

  • Writer Andrew Foley
    “Had a chance to look at the first issues of NEOZOIC, ABYSS, and ATOMIC ROBO, the initial offerings from Calgary-based Red-5 Comics, and I’ve got to say, I was very impressed. Some fun and/or interesting concepts, solid writing, great art right across the board, nice, professional production values…if one’s going to try and launch a small press comic company, this is the way to do it. If Red-5 can maintain the level of quality in the issues I saw, keep to their schedule, not wander too far from the sci-fantasy niche the first books occupy, and not flood the market with too many titles too fast, they might be able to survive, even eventually thrive, in a hostile direct market. Here’s hoping…”

Check back as we’ll be adding other reviews as they come in.

Please remember that since Red 5 is a brand new publisher, you’ll likely have to pre-order yours by August 16 in order to get a copy. For your convenience, you can print this form for your local comic shop, or Red 5 Comics can be ordered online from Things from Another World, Badger Comics, Perpetual Comics or Mail Order Comics.

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