“The Lost Room” Comic On-Hold Indefinitely

Not a week goes by when we don’t receive a note from a Collector (or 10) asking about The Lost Room comic. While we’ve spoken about it elsewhere, it seems we haven’t updated the blog.

As you may know, Red 5 Comics teamed with The Lost Room writers Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom to publish “We Kill Monsters”, their first foray into comics. From there, discussion naturally went to expanding the world of The Lost Room — a show that we at Red 5 cannot get enough of and cannot help but have a million questions about.

Since announcing the project, Christopher, Laura and series so-creator Paul Workman have not been able to work on the comic due to expanding personal and professional obligations. At Red 5, we are interested in expanding the world of the room, the event and the objects only if the original team and their vision are a part of it.

As such… until such time as The Lost Room team can re-commit to the project, you should unfortunately consider it to be cancelled… or shall we say disappeared and relocated, like the room itself. If that changes, we will let everyone know.

Thank you for your on-going words of support for the project. We continue to pass them along to the team, waiting for the day the objects will live again.

18 Responses to ““The Lost Room” Comic On-Hold Indefinitely”

  1. Sean C Says:

    Damn, I knew it.

  2. Rory Says:

    Devastating news!

    Ah well, I’ll always have those DVDs to return to :)

    Who knows… Maybe one day…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm, that’s too bad. Maybe we’ll be surprised one day with some sort of follow-up, but at least the miniseries was still really awesome! Thank you for at least letting as know–it’s been quite a while since the last update.

  4. Alex Says:

    Damn this is sad news. Hope something comes of this one day.

  5. Rick Says:

    Such a shame! Big fan of the show! I hope it gets a blu ray release, or even end up on Netflix would be nice

  6. Benito Says:

    I think I wanna cry -.-

  7. pwak Says:

    I wish you had told us this much earlier.
    My hopes kept growing, now totally disappointed, no way is “We Kill Monsters” anywhere near as good as “The Lost Room” could be.

  8. Nana Says:

    Awww, that’s a shame. :(

  9. Marc Says:

    had been googling “Lost Room comic” every 6 months or so since I first heard about this. How cruel and disappointing to tease this as an almost sure thing only to cop out after 2 years.

  10. ElDiego Says:

    I’m crying… :-(

  11. Sophie Says:

    Just please dont cancel it…

  12. Werner Says:

    What am I going to do now…. I need to get that key!

  13. Fabbe Says:

    Rick: It’s on Netflix now!

  14. Thiago Zigoni Says:

    Pleeeeeease, don’t give up, try to make money on Kickstarter site. I’ll donate! Please, just try…

  15. Medianoche Says:

    Why? Whyyyyyyyy!? Snif…

  16. Eric Says:


  17. Bob Stein Says:

    About this “let everyone know” thing. I would love to sign up on some kind of narrowly purposed notification list, to be notified when some kind of sequel to The Lost Room becomes ready for consumption. Whether in video form, graphic novel, stone tablet, I’ll take a good look. I’d rather not sign up for every Red 5 happening, no offense intended.

  18. Nestor Says:

    Since they aren’t going to publish it, could they at least tell what would happen if the window was opened?

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