G4’s Fresh Ink on Abyss #1

Blair Butler includes Red 5 Comics’ Abyss #1 in the premiere edition of G4TV’s “Fresh Ink” online video blog. Like all the best parts of any show, you’ll have to wait to the very end to see it. They open with some guy named “Batman” on, like, nearly his 700th issue… go figure.

“This one’s actually great,” she says about Abyss. “The cool thing about it is that it’s very, very funny and it’s got a clever visual set-up that you have to see. Suffice to say, there are a lot of in-jokes if you’re checking out the panels.”

What Blair doesn’t know, is that she has an even more significant connection to the Abyss universe… but more on that another day.

Check out the video here…

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  1. Sanford Williams Says:

    These seem like decent reads. I’ll check them out.

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