The Devil Returns in "KEYSER SOZE"

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the film, Bad Hat Harry Productions and Red 5 Comics are pleased to announce a series of graphic novels based on "The Usual Suspects". Details...


Once again, Red 5 Comics will be at San Diego Comic-Con International. Please stop by and visit us at booth 1717, talk comics and check out what's new. If you can't be there, follow our adventures on twitter at @red5comics

Red 5's First Kickstarter Project: VERSUS Volume 1

Have you ever asked the question, "who would win... ?" Then VERSUS is for you.

Click here to see a few video clips and a bunch of art from our newest title... coming your way this fall. Find out how you can get involved NOW.

Welcome to the brand-new Red 5 Comics website. We're working hard to get information about our full suite of titles up in the new format. In the mean time, if you're interested in what we publish, please check out the Red 5 page at comixology.