Meet the creative minds behind Red 5 Comics, presented in alphabetical order…

  • Steve Anderson
    Artist //
    Steve Anderson has been in the art business for over twenty years. His thirteen-year span of official Star Wars art has graced high-profile book covers, games, action figure packaging and more. He lives on the west coast in Portland, Oregon with his wife, three kids and a golden retriever.

  • Scott Chitwood
    Writer / Co-Founder
    A life-long comic and Star Wars fan, Scott Chitwood’s geek status was upped a notch when he co-founded The Star Wars Page at Texas A&M and He is a regular contributer to SuperheroHype and Scott currently lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and three kids.

  • Brian Clevinger
    Creator / Writer (Atomic Robo) //
    The name Brian Clevinger has been credited with authoring the old school gaming comic 8-bit Theater and the superhero comedy novel, Nuklear Age. According to Brian, he may not exist.

  • Paul Ens
    Writer / Co-Founder //
    For seven years, Paul Ens served as Director of Lucasfilm’s Lucas Online division, responsible for all websites and businesses, including There, he wrote the popular Star Wars: Evasive Action online comic series, and co-wrote the FOX TV comedy special “R2-D2: Beneath the Dome”. Paul currently lives in Calgary with his wife and three children. (Go Oilers!)

  • Tom Hodges
    Creator / Artist (Midknight) //
    Included among’s 2006 “Artists to Watch”, Tom Hodges is best known for his official Star Wars work, including Star Wars: Evasive Action webcomics and the You Can Draw Star Wars book. His current projects include a graphic novel with Marv Wolfman. Tom resides in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Terry (co-creator of Midknight), their son Logan and 7 cats.

  • J. Korim
    Artist (Neozoic) //
    J. Korim came out of the Sheridan College Animation program in 2001 and has since worked in comics, videos games, commercials and film. He drew and helped develop Rotogin: Junkbotz, a cyberpunk comic book for Image Comics and Sunscript Studios.

  • Jessie Lam
    Colors (Neozoic) //
    Jessie Lam is a graduate of Sheridan College’s BAA [Bachelor of Applied Arts] animation degree program. Her work includes Rotogin: Junkbotz comic and other commercial projects as one of the lead colorists at Sunscript Studios.
  • Lucas Marangon
    Artist (Abyss) //
    Lucas Marangon is best known for his work on several Star Wars humor books and short stories with Dark Horse Comics, including the misadventures of Tag and Bink. He is currently stationed in Mexico City.

  • Wayne Nichols
    Artist (Afterburn) //
    A commercial illustrator and comic book artist, Wayne Nichols spent five years with Vision Gaming, creating the artwork for best-selling gaming machines like Sharky, Magic Money and Knights Quest. His recent comic credits include Lady Supreme: Supreme Sacrifice and Twilight Men. Wayne currently resides in sunny Queensland, Australia.

  • Kevin Rubio
    Writer (Abyss) //
    Kevin Rubio’s 1997 short film, TROOPS, is credited with starting the online short film revolution and was recognized with a Pioneer Award at the 2002 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards. Rubio went on to write and direct shows for the Sci-Fi Channel, MTV, Fox Kids, and USA Network. He is creator of the highly successful (and funny) Star Wars: Tag and Bink comic series for Dark Horse Comics.

  • Nick Schley
    Inker (Abyss) //
    Nick Schley’s creation, Abiding Perdition, was a smash indie hit in 2005. He has written and inked for 10thMuse and OutlawScorn:3030Ad, among notable others. Schely lives in the deepest recesses of the West Virginian mountains were he enjoys solitude, loneliness and long walks in the leaves.
  • Scott Wegener
    Creator / Artist (Atomic Robo) //
    Scott Wegener’s art can be seen in Negative Burn, The Wicked West 2, several Ronin Studios anthologies, and in public restrooms throughout New England. He shares his washer/dryer stack with his wife Dorinda and daughter “the Widget” in Wilton, New Hampshire.

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