Creator-Owned Projects

Red 5 Comics is always open to looking at quality creator-owned projects for publication. A creator-owned project is one where you and your team deliver print-ready pages, and Red 5 Comics looks after marketing, printing, distribution and related activity. The comic is published and there is a profit-split. You and your team retain full rights to the intellectual property.

Before you send us a proposal, your project must already have a full creative team committed and on-board, including a writer, penciller, inker, colorist (if color), and letterer. We cannot assist you in putting your team together.

Your project proposal must contain all of the following…

  • a web link to a document (pdf, Word, rtf, html, Google doc) made up of…
    • a single-page cover letter introducing yourself and your project (including the title, overall concept, creative team attached, and status of production) and contact information. This might be the only page we read, so this should have your best “hook”.
    • a creative team section with a single paragraph introducing each member of the creative team, including their credits and work history in comics and related fields
    • a one-or-two page outline of the major events of the entire story from beginning to end. (Yes, the end. Spoil us!)
    • the script for the first issue or whole series, if completed
  • a web link to at least five inked and lettered pages (colored, if applicable and available)

Red 5 Comics is interested only in projects that are G, PG or PG-13 in nature. We will not accept R-rated proposals. We are also not looking for costumed superhero stories at this time.

Your proposal should show a level of professionalism that gives us confidence that your project will be completed on-time and with excellence. 

If we are interested in hearing more about your project, we will contact you. We cannot guarantee a response for proposals that do not meet our requirements, sorry.

Creator-Owned Project Submission Form

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By submitting any idea, story line, script, artwork, or any other content material to Red 5 Comics, by way of email, online form or physical submission, you agree to the following conditions.

  1. You understand and acknowledge that Red 5 Comics may have developed, be currently developing or may independently develop similar artwork, sketches, concepts, designs, themes, characters, plots and/or ideas. Red 5 Comics may have received or may someday receive from others similar material. Any similarity between your submission and any materials in development or independently developed hereafter by Red 5 Comics shall be coincidental.

    Red 5 Comics has no liability for similarities between your submission and possible future products or properties.

  2. Red 5 Comics has no obligation with respect to the material submitted, other than to make a reasonable effort to advise you as to our interest or lack of interest in acquiring rights to the material.
  3. You warrant that you are the sole owner, creator, inventor and author of the material submitted, and that you have full right and authorization to submit the material.

Thank you for your interest in Red 5 Comics. We look forward to hearing from you.